Sunday Dec 1st

Festive Fayre Event
The excellent folk behind the Gardener’s Cottage mini empire are having what they term an inaugural festive ‘fare’ on Saturday 07 December between 10-4pm at their Leith outlet, Quay Commons. They apparently have lots of lovely retail products, gifts and hampers (always a good get out) to shop for Christmas as well as serving up […]

Friday Nov 1st

If we all join hands
Sally Fraser wonders about the meaning of light in its Hebraic sense Mr Fraser dropped a bombshell. He had always thought the T’Pau classic track China in Your Hands was about China the country. What a thought.    Mind you, in fairness, I myself am pretty shaky with getting the wrong end of the stick […]

Monday Jul 29th

To Devolution & Beyond!
Deidre Brock MP for Edinburgh North and Leith 20 years ago Scotland’s Parliament was reborn, fashioning a new democracy in an ancient nation.  It is a Parliament built on the idea that the people who live in Scotland are best placed to decide her future.  As the Claim of Right of a decade before said: […]

Sunday Jun 16th

Dapper Dan, Good for Nothing & Leith Festivals
Editor at Large This is my Jimmy Carse moment; there will be many others typically combining his unique blend of boldness, craftiness and outright audacity. I was idling down The Walk of an evening when I heard a shout coming from the direction of the Alhambra Bar. “Here, Good for Nothing, what are you up […]

Protempore …
I’m drawn to negatives in life, and I dwell on them, and they consume me.” You will, I’m sure, be very glad to hear that the column for this issue is not about politics. You may not be quite so glad to hear that this time round it’s going to focus on what is becoming, […]

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