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Coming soon: Issue 149

In Leither 149, we celebrate two long serving pub landladies who plied their trade in the old port for a quarter of a century or so.

Mary Moriarty held sway in The Port ‘o’ Leith on Constitution Street and her extracurricular activities in the community only burnished her legend. Sandy Campbell’s viewpoint, and more, inside

But I write mainly on Jessie Laing, of the old Trafalgar Bar on Henderson Street (now Bittersweet). A very well kent face in the borough – often doing various favours for neighbours who couldn’t get out during lockdown. Receiving much praise from Port of Leith Housing Association (now Harbour) for her efforts.

Protempore announces a new direction for his ever popular column, going forward. Newhaven Heritage tells us how the Newhaven Fishwives

ended up performing on the roof of Selridges, London. For Sir Gordon Selfridge himself.

Roy Pedersen gives us a sneak preview of his new book The Port of Inverness. Tim Bell on the second volume of Leith Writings: The Seagull at The Shore.

Food wise, we review Mistral and Toast and there is our fiendish crossword waiting to trip you up…

All good things,


ps Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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