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Coming soon: Issue 150

Welcome to Leither number 150, well I’ll be damned!

Some of our writers reflect on this phenomenon, while one singular scribbler, step forward Colin Montgomery, imagines this noble pamphlet in the year 2173.

“It’s weird to think there is a book in existence, where people are talking about the living room I had as a teenager!” Says Bob Last taking at a Q&A to launch the book Hungry Beat which focuses on the hugely influential Fast Product, which he co-founded with Hilary Morrison.

Tom Wheeler gives us a Leith History ‘of sorts’. In the Leith tradition as parlayed by that man at the bar - whose name escapes you - and sometimes escapes him.

Sandy Campbell on Quebec independence: ‘De Gaulle’s speech from the balcony of the provincial parliament got him chucked out of Canada by Pierre Trudeau

Tracy Griffen says goodbye to an old friend, booze. ‘The flip side to not indulging, saw me finishing in the top six porridge makers in the world’!

As ever, there is a whole lot more blackening of the pages, to good effect, I hope.

Yours from a bubbly bath,


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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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