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Coming soon: Issue 152

It’s that time of year again when people queue for selfies with the Leith Police, who do not summarily dismisseth them. The sun will shine it has to shine, it can make the difference between 5,000 party goers and 1,000 drenched souls. An advance weather report suggests a saffron yellow sun with a broad smile on its face. Welcome to Leith Gala day…

In other news, our cover story features ‘the man who sold New York”, read on…it’s not Trump.

Mr Montgomery on the cargo cults of Melanesia, who built satellite dishes, aeroplanes and goggles out of wood and straw. Hoping God would deliver goods to them like the Americans did in World War II.

‘In 2020 we locked them up in solitary confinement and then, when schools reopened, just expected them to bounce back. Kids are resilient after all, or so we told ourselves’… Sandy Campbell on the 100,000 kids who never returned to school after Covid.

And then there were three...

Just like that. Within the space of a month, Leith boasts not just a tram line, but a third Michelin-starred restaurant - The Leith Glutton reviews Heron.

‘Leith has suffered this before, when Leith Central Station opened in 1903 it was grotesquely over-sized and over-ambitious’. Tim Bell on Trams.

Graphic designers often go under the radar. Kennedy Wilson uncovers one of the best: the godfather of the emoji.

And remember, the golden rule of gala day is: if you have any sense, you’ll want to lose it promptly.

All good things, Billy

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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