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Leith Festival says hello again…


There is so much to see and do in Leith this summer, with Leith Festival & Gala first up

Gordon Munro

Custom & Practice


Folks would queue to have postcards franked with a Leith postmark to send to the Leith diaspora in Edinburgh and further abroad

Ghost Hunter

John Tantallon, Ghost Hunter, as opposed to Buster, serves up his most gruesome tale to date


After turning Queens Evidence and claiming no responsibility, authorities acquitted Thomas Pearson

Leith Glutton

Something stirs on Henderson St


…this is an unkind way of describing a bunch of the nicest and most right-on Gen Z’ers who flock here

Tom Wheeler

Breaking the bank


As the world goes rapidly to shit, it doesn’t need me blithely discussing the textural benefits of a crispy garlic crumb


…a summer characterised by mass protests and civil disobedience?


Did 2 million people suddenly forget how to cook, or did successive Tory governments condemn millions of people to food poverty?

Ben Latta

A sandwich place inspired by classic dishes


Ben Latta starts the day in an Urban Jungle Brunch Room and ends it in the Bowler’s Rest

Ken Wilson

The Age of the Icons


Over the last 40 years skylines across Britain have been transformed. Kennedy Wilson looks at the rise of ‘starchitecture’

Gordon Young

Thelma & the Wee Hub


David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, embracers of the new invention of photography, brought Newhaven to the attention of the wider world

Claire Smith

Leithers One Family: The Play


There’s no town with the same length and depth of incredible history in the UK

Colin Montgomery

A Cornucopia of Crap


A cornucopia of crap which allows for the horror show that is watching feral gulls attack overflowing bins or even tourists themselves

Tim Bell

To begin at the beginning


In 1991 a young fellow working in the city Housing Department had a short story published in a pamphlet, Tim Bell tells us more…

Kennedy Wilson

Wild about Wilder


He was was one of many Austro-German filmmakers who fled Europe during the rise of Hitler going on to reinvent Hollywood

Tracy Griffen

The Placebo Effect, Cool A.F.


The price of AF spirits is similar, and sometimes more than, their alcoholic cousins and I confess I did feel a tad ripped off

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