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Issue 141

Cover Story

Leith Festival volunteers
create a legacy for Leithers

Editor at Large

Steamships & Nautical Tales


You feel the pull of the sea, the salt flecked spray, as much through the stories of the ships as the human histories

The Stuff of Legend


Edinburgh is often described as a network of villages, for Gordon Munro, Newhaven tops them all

On the Loose

A very Edinburgh riot


It’s perplexing, if not downright unbelievable, to hear how anti-Catholic Protestantism burst violently onto the streets of Edinburgh

“So why do people support a particular football team?”


At a frozen, fogbound, Cappielow, charmless stewards confiscated a flask of soup we’d taken to keep the kids warm

The Leith Glutton

The New Kid on the Block


A bundle of delicious contradictions: moist and firm, soft and crunchy, sweet and salty, all very grown up


A soundbite for the Daily Mail which shows a level of ignorance that is staggering


Boris Johnson’s intellectual contribution to the debate is putting antisocial offenders in ‘fluorescent chain gangs’

Short Story

Bessie & the Space Shuttle


She picked up a scarlet red lipstick called Lovers Kiss – the colour a shock of youth against her hand

Deidre Brock

The hostile environment policy


Illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi was refused a visa in 2017, a public campaign made the government rethink their stance

Summer Health & Fitness

Be Here Now


It’s enough to make me switch off my phone for 100 hours; hit factory reset, recalibrate, live in real time

Mrs MacPickle

The awkward flappy dance


I am no longer really sociable enough for level one or zero, never mind no restrictions.

Googling ‘5 days without alcohol’


Googling ‘5 days without alcohol’

Bukowski & the Holy Trinity


After revisiting infamous laureate of low-life Charles Bukowski’s work, Colin Montgomery is convinced his epitaph was spot-on

“At least you were able to be there at the end…”


Realising the need for distraction, I put on some music: National Shite Day by Half Man Half Biscuit seems to fit the bill

All about all about Eve


Seventy years after receiving an Oscar, a film from the golden age of Hollywood is being reissued in Blu-ray; Kennedy Wilson says it’s not to be missed

What the censor saw!


Like Edinburgh buses, the three films arrived back to back. Each one of them helmed by a notorious controversialist

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