Kiss me Kate: Opera North

Kiss Me, Kate or Anything Goes

Kennedy Wilson on a musical about erectile dysfunction, nymphomania and sexual incompatibility...

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Toeing The Party Line

Our Man in the City on the financial constraints to Council budgets...


Protempore – Issue 122

Saudi Arabia is currently engineering genocide in Yemen...

Sally Fraser

Who is Risen is always Risen

A broken television (or two) foretells an epiphany of sorts for Sally Fraser...

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Learning From The Professionals

Tom Wheeler can count the food he’s wasted on Captain Cook’s bad hand...


Welcome to Pin Drop Central

Graham Ross on the Carriers Quarters rules: The band plays, audience talk, drink, fall over...

Frida Kahlo, Rue de l'Ourcq by Marko 93-Jeanne Menjoulet

Painting Her Reality: Frida Kahlo

Kennedy Wilson on a disabled, bisexual, Hispanic woman who became an inspiration for millions of people...

Ed "Foots" Lipman & A. D. Winans

In Search of San Quentin’s Prison Poet

How Scottish poetry lover Scott J Lawrie found himself republishing the work Ed “Foots” Lipman...


Where is all the money going?

Dedre Brock, MP for Edinburgh North & Lieth says family run farms could soon be gone...

Colin Montgomery Leither Magazine

Life, Dearth and Anything But

Humanity’s reserves of pretty much everything are running low, contends Colin Montgomery...

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“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”...


The Beast from the East

“During the snow days, there was a sense of public spirit in the air” Ben MacPherson MSP Edinburgh North & Leith ...


Not quite loving the alien

Lawrence Lettice offers an alternative examination of the man who fell to earth ...


Coco the Superpug Therapet

There’s something special in seeing a patient stroke Coco and remembering their own pets, says Tracy Griffen...

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