Greco-Roman Clare Balding

There are presenters aplenty , and then there is the one and only Clare Balding...

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From Nagpur 1956 to Edinburgh 2014

Dr Sanjoy Das on settling in Edinburgh and the burning issue: Thursday 18th September...

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A Postcard from… Padstow

A Postcard from Daniel Gray, vacationing in Cornwall with The Camerons on speed dial. Honest!...

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What I did on My Holidays (c1898)

The annual break to foreign climes has nothing on fin de siècle frolics, as Colin Montgomery discovers...

Teenage Dog Orgy

Fragments Shored Against Our Ruin

Poet Paul Hullah tells us about his verbal, visual, and musical collaboration with Martin Metcalfe...


A Bright & Risen Angel

We have all the time in the world reckons an otherwise punctual Rodger Evans...

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The long & short of it

Dave McGuire puts the questions to Josie Long…...

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Is it whisky or whisk-eye?

In the last ten years, putting the letter ‘i’ at the front of a word has become a way to make something a little more hip. No one wants a pod, but make it an iPod and suddenly you are talking very, very groovy. Ignoring this fact, the Whiski Rooms have decided to put the […]...

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Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, talent (check the acronym)

If the RuPaul Drag Race phenomenon hasn’t hit you yet, it is in your best cultural interests to start watching so you’re clued in on at least a few of the by now six seasons by the time it drops at a water cooler near you and you can’t boil the kettle without hearing how […]...

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Bad Ad World

Feel like you’re being followed? Wondering who stole all the cookies? Mark Young provides some answers.....

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History Today or New Theory of Evolution?

Comedian, journalist, novelist, activist, stand-up and inadvertent pioneer of arena comedy (yes, ‘that’s him that is’) Rob Newman speaks to Dave McGuire...


Mrs MacPickle Solves All Your Problems!

My husband’s only contribution tends to involve packing a phone charger and a box of condoms ...

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A Leither for Life

Born in 1924, at 49 Kirkgate, Betty Livingston (married name Thomson) has lived most of her 90 years in Leith and, as you can imagine, she has witnessed many changes over the years. She tells me times were tough; eight people lived in a ‘single end’ with no electricity, her mother cooked on the fire, […]...

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The Centuries Old Appeal of Dressing Down

The New York trend agency K-Hole coined the term in October 2013. According to Richard Nicoll, creative director of Jack Wills ‘normcore says, I have soul and intelligence. I’m unique and I don’t need to shout about it’. Aimee Farrell of Vogue calls normcore ‘a barely audible style that suggests authority and inner confidence’. New […]...

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The World on Your Doorstep

Leith Walk is a truly unique thoroughfare. Locals joke that you can buy pretty much anything on the Walk, and really, it’s true. It’s most certainly true if you enjoy global cuisine, as there is a selection of grocers from around the world where you can find any ingredient you may need for your culinary […]...

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