jimmy Shepherd RIP

James ‘Jimmy’ Shepherd 1945 – 2017

The man himself, donating £500 to his favourite charity, the SSPCA...


Protempore – Issue 118

Anyone who thinks the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has nothing to do with the current wave of terror is deluded ...

Bullshit Detector

Locating our bullshit detector

Tom Wheeler discovers a contender for Waitrose’s bullshit throne...

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 16.19.57

Adventures in Chaos Land

As old certainties go the way of the Dodo, Colin Montgomery seeks out a sure thing...

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 16.15.16

Busting baws for the Citadel cause

Gordon Munro witnesses The Citadel’s Willy Barr magicking money from the audiences pocket...

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Delivering for Young People

Ben Macpherson on initiatives for young folk and good work being done...

Picture by Kenneth Netzel

Pick up your P45 and send in the Robot

Mark Young on the extensive use of robots potentially eliminating 250,000 jobs in the UK...

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John Cale Reimagines The Velvets

Caroline Binnie stands on a disused dock site in Liverpool looking towards America and legendary times...

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The Travellers and their Travails

Yet more contented guests at Marianne Wheealaghan’s B&B, note rococo furnishings ...

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Boom & Bust in Whiskyville

Rodger Moffet on the Whisky Baron Pattison brothers and their spectacular fall from grace...

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You Can Never Go Home Again

Lawrence Lettice remembers his time in Pennywell and Muirhouse with no little fondness...

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Cherish the neighbour you don’t know

Deidre Brock feels we have yo be vigilant in trusting each other...

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A Balancing Act Between Old and New

There was competition between businesses as to who would have the flashiest float at Leith Gala...

Rosevear Tea, Bruntsfield and Broughton St

Drinking tea with imagination

James Taylor brings us up to speed on the flourishing tea revolution including… Starbucks! ...

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 15.42.34

We’re going down to Liverpool

In which the Editor journeys to Aintree in search of (improbable) riches...


Protempore – Issue 117

The Conservative Party are hiding behind a very sophisticated propaganda mask...

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