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Queen Victoria & the Upstart

The pointy thing in the New Kirkgate is gone, hail the ‘New’ New Kirkgate...

Bernie Reid

Protempore: Issue 106

Pretty soon we will not be dealing with civil war but a growing list of failed states...

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Daniel Gray’s Postcard: Strathpeffer

It is reassuringly Victorian, all titan houses with frilly doorways fit for parasols...

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The Man with the Midas Touch

Lawrence Lettice waxes lyrical about John Barry and the old ABC on Rodney Street...

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If The Shoe Fits?

Kennedy Wilson on the enduring appeal of stilettos and the problems they create for wearers…...

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Worst Toilet in Scotland

After the closest of shaves, Rodger Evans won’t be splashing on the Old Spice anytime soon....

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NoRecipeMan: Painting With Spaghetti

Spaghetti agli olio e peperoncino, what drunk Italians eat instead of kebabs...

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The Luxury of not Choosing

Political permutations threaten to turn the election into a custard pie fight...

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If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller…

Paul Hullah looks at life in Edinburgh through the prism of 25 years on the other side of the world....

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Not My Father’s Son & Other Stories

The misery literature phenomenon has gone through numerous changes says Kennedy Wilson...

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A People on the Edge

Marianne Wheelaghan on a group of islands that will soon cease to exist...

Leither Recipe for Nettle Soup Foraged in Edinburgh

Green & Leithy: Nettle Soup

Rebecca Jane Armstrong tells us why nettles are good for you...

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The Migration of the Rhubarb

Tracy Griffen on the unlikely migration of her giant rhubarb!...

Mrs MacPickle - The Leither

Mrs. MacPickle – 106

In a pickle? Let our agony aunt unpick it...

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The Sweet Smell of Success

Madeleine Ferrar excelled at being a failure till she moved to north east Scotland...

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Art Made From Books

Gordon Munro on the Edinburgh Book Sculptures feeding into a larger movement ...

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This Business of Living

Sally Fraser tries to do something that will genuinely improve her spiritual wellbeing...

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Knitting a bobble hat mountain

While knitting an endless stream of scarves, Madeleine Ferrar addresses her existential crisis ...

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If Leith Could Speak

Anjila Wison tells us about Leith’s Voice, a project she is working on, and asks you to help her...

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