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Fit for the Real World

Polly Lister, Costume Design lecturer at QMU, on the upcoming ‘Catwalk Show’ at Summerhall...

The Blue Orchids by Trevor Make

Blue Orchids & Blood

We visit Leith’s answer to CBGB’S and King Tuts (sort of) ...

Dr Strangelove

My Missile’s got a Mind of its Own

Deidre Brock on the ongoing Trident missile controversy...

Logan Clan Crest

The Logans of Restalrig

Just when you have a grip on one Robert Logan, another zillion surface in Rodger Moffet’s piece...

Donald Trump's Waxwork

Explaining Trump to my Daughter

Sally Fraser’s daughter had a birthday. She is now eight, a little person, intense and mysterious ...

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Found in Translation

Most english speaking readers require precise timings and quantities...


The 10-year old Master Criminal

In her youth Marianne Wheelaghan could have shown the Pink Panther a thing or two...


Trainspotting the YLT and Leith-sur-Mer

Graham Ross steps back 40 odd years and connects it to the here and now...

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Spiced Apple, Date & Coconut Bundt

Rebecca Jane Armstrong serves up a gluten free vegan treat...

Radovan Karadzic

Politicians and their Hair

Radovan Karadzic the ‘Butcher of Bilbao’ has a wee blow dry to himself...

Buster Crabbe and Flash Gordon

How will this Cockumentary End?

Colin Montgomery calls for the wonder that is Flash Gordon aka Buster Crabbe...

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Mrs MacPickle Solves All Your Problems!

Our Agony Aunt tackles one of her more curious conundrums...

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In a world of friends you lose your way

After reading Bruce Springsteen, Gordon Munro says we all have a duty to help in our community...

Shri Breemahs Edinburgh

A Restaurant on my Doorstep

Eli de Rego wakes up one morning to find a new restaurant on his ...

Luis Bunuel

Fasting & The 40 Hour Famine

Tracy Griffen assures us her fast is not as extreme as Bunuel’s Simon of the Desert ...


What a load of Rubbish…

Lawrence Lettice takes umbrage at the serial dumpers who are sullying Leith’s streets ...

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