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The Men Behind the Silver Door

I was sitting in my office (The Alan Breck Bar) last night writing this when Fiona and Colin came in, as Colin was a young Leither at the time I asked him if he had any memories of Fini Tribe – a band who had made Leith their base in the mid 1980s. “We were […]...

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Kicking against the pricks

Sally Fraser says she needs to tell stories without becoming them, that it’s #MyExperienceToo rather than #MeToo...

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eBay Bots

Mark Young gets to thinking about intelligent robots & A.I after watching Humans and Westworld and a recent experience using a BOT in eBay...

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Questions of Leith Identity

When asked by the editor of this fine publication to join the ranks of its illustrious columnists, I pondered at length what themes I could explore. In a way, it seemed self-evident: as most people who know me are well aware, I can wax lyrical on the subject of Leith until my audience starts looking […]...

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The snow that falls in the river

Marianne Wheelaghan on novelists who come up with plots and character arcs then leave others to write them (hello James Patterson)...

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Tortured Logic & Alphabet Soup

A historical drama on the BBC has been deemed too extreme by sensitive souls. Colin Montgomery wonders if these people ever watch the evening news...

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For Whom The Bell Tolls

Catalonia is in crisis. I don’t know what the situation there will have developed into by the time you read this but at the time I’m writing it there is chaos. The Spanish Government is threatening to end the autonomy of Catalonia and the Catalan Government is staring right back across the void at it. […]...

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The Anger of Britain’s Underclass

Gordon Munro, who is never knowingly shy when it comes to something he is passionate about, jumps in head first with the facts...

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From Georgian England to Italian Soho

Coffee-table books don’t come more caffeinated than this; Kennedy Wilson makes a cup of java and prepares to salivate...

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Christmas: A Curmudgeon’s Guide

Christmas is coming – and there’s precisely naff all you can do about it. As any good consumer knows, Christmas officially begins at 10.01pm on 31 October, when a megaton of Halloween tat is stripped from supermarket shelves and forklifted to a dusty warehouse for another year, while a million unsold pumpkins are ceremonially hurled […]...

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Living Online with an Offline body

If you want to feel old, think about the time before the internet. Even further back, remember a time without mobile phones. Think about your first mobile phone. In the grand scheme of things it probably wasn’t that long ago. Mine looked like a brick with an extending antenna. That was twenty years ago. If […]...

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The Wisdom of Bob

A lovely eulogy from a family member at the funeral for an old friend...

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What’s the last thing you would do?

Colin Montgomery would like the Daily Mail drowned. As a building. In it’s entirety ...

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From one derelict Leith landmark…

Caroline Binnie goes Trainspotting on behalf of Leith Festival Theatre Trust...

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Rice Politics & Food Evangelism

The yeasayers and naysayers are equally adamant, but logically they can’t all be right says Tom Wheeler...

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Mind The Time When…?

In between talking about the football…Gordon Munro tells us about a brilliant project...

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