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The Men Behind the Silver Door

Finitribe are reborn as Finiflex, delivering a acaptivating new single with an album to follow...

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Kicking Against the Pricks

Sally Fraser says she needs to tell stories without becoming them, it’s #MyExperienceToo rather than #MeToo...

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Asimo & Deep Blue

Mark Young gets to thinking about intelligent robots & A.I after watching Humans and Westworld ...

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Questions of Leith Identity

New Columnist Sandy Campbell on those two loaded words: identity and borders...

Marianne Wheelaghan

The snow that falls in the river

Marianne Wheelaghan on novelists who come up with plots and leave others to write them ...

BBC Gunpowder

Tortured Logic & Alphabet Soup

A historical drama on the BBC has been deemed too extreme by sensitive souls says Colin Montgomery ...

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For Whom The Bell Tolls

Deidre Brock says, we have allowed Spain to do this we have allowed it to be done in our name ...

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The Anger of Britain’s Underclass

Gordon Munro, who is never knowingly shy jumps in head first with the facts on poverty...

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Christmas: A Curmudgeon’s Guide

Christmas is coming and there is precisely naff all you can do according to Tom Wheeler...

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Future Fitness: Tracy Griffen

Living online with an offline body is the way forward, says ‘our’ Personal Trainer...

Ben Macpherson Leither Magazine

Home Energy Scotland

A new energy company, powered by renewables, has the potential to bring transformation says Ben Macpherson...

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The Wisdom of Bob

A lovely eulogy from a family member at the funeral for an old friend...

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What’s the last thing you would do?

Colin Montgomery would like the Daily Mail drowned. As a building. In it’s entirety ...

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From one derelict Leith landmark…

Caroline Binnie goes Trainspotting on behalf of Leith Festival Theatre Trust...

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Rice Politics & Food Evangelism

The yeasayers and naysayers are equally adamant, but logically they can’t all be right says Tom Wheeler...

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Mind The Time When…?

In between talking about the football…Gordon Munro tells us about a brilliant project...

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