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Oatcake beermats & rogue false teeth

“Dream’d ye aught o’ our puir fellows, Darkling as they fac’d the billows.” Caller Herring (song). ...


Protempore – Issue 121

All of the world’s disasters could render you incapable of leaving the house at times...

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A Crash Course for the Ravers

Gordon Munro on a book club that gives us a glimpse into the thought processes of a genius...

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Town Planners 0 | Leith United 3

Gordon Munro on a group of worthies who are fighting the good fight on Leith’s behalf...

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A rational adjustment to an insane world

A look back at the year that escaped and ate its own excrement and forward to one that…well, Colin Montgomery has ideas...

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Waiting for a dial up connection when you have Wi-Fi

Sally Fraser has a half-resolution-half-just-thought going on, it’s linked to connectivity and courage...

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Changing things by changing the way we look

The Welfare State is one of the best ideas of the 20th century, giving people the chance to start again when their lives are damaged. Some people have had to depend on it for extended periods of time and some have had the safety net catch them so they could climb back up again. It’s […]...


Whither Leith? The Border Question

In 1920, 90% of Leithers voted against amalgamation with Edinburgh in a Brexit style plebiscite; our lofty neighbours however, voted overwhelmingly in favour. At this time the border was clear: the Forth to our north – from Wardie to the old Leith Poorhouse, later the Eastern General Hospital; inland from Granton harbour to Golden Acre, […]...

Williams and Johnson - Leiths very own coffee roasters

From Georgian England to Italian Soho

Coffee-table books don’t come more caffeinated than this says Kennedy Wilson ...

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Are We Losing The Plot?

According to recent statistics, Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users, Twitter 330 million, Instagram 800 million and You Tube has 1,325,000,000. Meanwhile, in 2013 more than 1.2 billion people were playing computer games, of those, more than 700 million were online games. Then there’s all the time (and money) we spend online shopping and […]...


The Leither’s “How Do You Shop?” Quiz

The internet truly is a remarkable thing. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee’s vision, we can talk face-to-face across thousands of miles, pay a virtual visit to almost any spot on Earth – and best of all, we can click a Facebook link and answer three banal lifestyle questions, whereupon an algorithm written by a three-year-old will […]...

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Many people are only two pay cheques away from the streets

Jai Adami felt a personal need to understand homelessness better and help those in dire situations regardless of how they got there...

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Live France, live the democracy!

Today the casting couch has come in for deserved criticism says Ken Wilson...

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TheBlackbird Singing

Arusha Gallery has announced that the Edinburgh-based photographer Jannica Honey will be the subject of its spring exhibition. The Fuji award-winning artist will present When the Blackbird Sings, a new series of 30 works (digital Giclée prints), which focuses on the female body and its links with nature. The compelling works depict naked women of […]...

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“For a’ that, an’ a’ that, it’s coming yet for a’ that”

As Happy New Year wishes disappear over the horizon and resolutions are forgotten we begin considering what to aim for next, this time of year always feels like a chance to refocus and look forward to what’s ahead. And whether it’s singing Auld Lang Syne in a spirit of human solidarity at Hogmanay, or enjoying […]...

Mrs MacPickle

Mrs MacPickle Solves All Your Problems!

Dear Mrs MacPickle, How does one keep any kind of romance going in ones long-term relationship without spending a fortune? I am quite fond of my husband, and I sometimes quite fancy him, but we are both chronically busy with work commitments, and as our children go to bed later and later it’s hard to […]...

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