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Queen Victoria & The Upstart

As the work at the foot of Leith Walk and The Kirkgate continues apace (okay, let’s not tempt fate, continues), I was pleased to note the mysterious overnight disappearance of the ‘Narwhal Tusk’, an 18-metre high blue steel sculpture that used to blemish (if that is possible) the entrance to the shopping centre. However, we […]...

Bernie Reid

Protempore – 106

I’m pretty sure that everyone will have either seen the recent solar eclipse for themselves or will have caught sight of the many images plastered all over the media. While I didn’t get as carried away as some people by the phenomenon, it did strike me as a fairly sobering reminder of the precariousness of […]...

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Postcard From: Strathpeffer

The taxi driver was in the army. Eighteen years in the army. He tells me about some of the places he went to, some of the things he saw. I decide not to moan about my leaking shoes. When I mention the rain, he recalls the sound Afghan raindrops make on the roof of a […]...

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The Man with the Midas Touch

Lawrence Lettice waxes lyrical about the late, great John Barry and the old ABC on Rodney Street...

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If The Shoe Fits?

Kennedy Wilson on the enduring appeal of stilettos and the problems they create for their wearers…...

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Worst Toilet in Scotland

After the closest of shaves, Rodger Evans won’t be splashing on the Old Spice again anytime soon....

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Painting With Spaghetti

One of the great joys of cooking is that it offers a regular opportunity to get creative, an opportunity that frequently arises after a working day that has provided nothing of the sort. And unlike most creative pursuits, cooking isn’t an extra-curricular activity in which we’re required to invest our valuable spare time. We all […]...

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The Luxury of not Choosing

A frenzy of political permutations threatens to turn the election into a custard pie fight; Colin Montgomery ponders the tyranny of choice...

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If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller…

Paul Hullah (who feels places aren’t haunted; people are) looks at his life in Edinburgh through the prism of 25 years on the other side of the world....

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Not My Father’s Son & Other Stories

The misery literature phenomenon reached its peak 10 years ago and has gone through numerous changes since says Kennedy Wilson...

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A People on the Edge

Marianne Wheelaghan on a remote group of islanders who have been warned to plan for the day they no longer have a country...

Leither Recipe for Nettle Soup Foraged in Edinburgh

Green & Leithy: WILD Nettle Soup

Nettles are the bane of gardeners, berry foragers and anyone who’s ever taken an off road ramble. Their sting actually produces a histamine response reputedly good for muscle ache, but none of us will thank the stars for this little nugget of information when we get painfully stung. Anyway, nettles, they’re free, they’re good for […]...


Mrs. MacPickle – 109

Dear Mrs MacPickle, I have been talking to a psychoanalyst for five years now and I used to see him as a saviour, in contrast to my sister who has found a community of evangelical Christians. Yet my problems seem as insurmountable as before – perhaps they are simply more stark for being better understood […]...

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