A High Wind in Leith

William Barr has a bit of Boris Johnson about him; the entrepreneurial spirit, the public relations acumen, the endless quotability. Add a snake charmers facility for making money dance out of ones pocket (‘for a good cause my friend, for a good cause’) and you have the measure of the fellow. So imagine my surprise […]...

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A Postcard Fae Nairn

Their names are in a logbook. Toppy, Ting-a-Ling and Whistling Dan. Dozy, Peekie Ralph and The Stoor. Big Ian, Bigger Ian and Mole Catcher. Indeed Indeed, Jimmy Two Times and Paraffin Tommy. There are hundreds more, from Browser to Watery Dan via Mad Golfer. Every one of them was a fisherman of Fishertown, Nairn. There […]...

Grammes and Ounces

Our Lives in Grammes and Ounces

We’ve become, or so we’re told, a society of foodies. TV chefs are as recognisable as pop stars; and every newspaper, from the Financial Times to the Morning Star, has a recipe column. Well, I reckon it’s about time for a no-recipe one. Here’s why. Cooking shouldn’t feel like a chore. But when I cook […]...

Butterfly Wings

Something to do with Butterfly Wings

Vorpitude plus zoopery equals cunilous pertinquity calculates Rodger Evans (whilst the editor pours himself a large bracer)...


Like a Fiery Elephant

The tartan pachyderm called ‘The Referendum’ has left the room, leaving a jumbo-sized vacancy. Colin Montgomery presents some options...

Siren of Ownership

The Siren Call of Ownership

40 years into his obsession with collecting vinyl, John Nicholson insists it is more of a love affair...

This One's From The Heart

This One’s From The Heart

Can Fan Ownership Rescue Scottish Football? Asked The Centre for Finance and Investment at Heriot-Watt University, Gordon Munro reports...

Twin Peaks Leith

The Death of Cool

Walking by the O2 ABC music venue on Sauchiehall Street the other day I noted a queue of disparate ages and genders waiting to get in. Queues of any note at this site usually consist of pre-teen girls carrying signs. The billboard advertised The Horrors. “Oh, The Horrors!” I thought to myself. “I quite like […]...

Flame Alive

Keeping The Flame Alive

Dave McGuire speaks to a father and son whose musical heritage goes back 77 generations...

Shadow and Light Exhibition Edinburgh

The Tower of Light and Shadow

I’ll make no bones about it these words are mainly PR fluff (which we never use) but this engaged me, and I really want to see it, plus there was no time to interview the protagonists. Enjoy nonetheless, Editor....


Tiny Tot Tantrums

Dear Mrs MacPickle, What does one do when ‘Someone Else’s Small Child’ is beating up your child and lots of other people’s children? I have no idea how to tackle the issue, especially when the child in question belongs to a very close friend. We are talking toddlers here, hair pulling, eye gouging, that sort […]...

Tender Trap

The Tender Trap

Sally Fraser has a Kafkaesque moment when she fears she may be metamorphosing into Margaret Thatcher. Can she save herself?...

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Redemption Song

Having read in the papers about the controversy surrounding the publication of Nobby Clark’s autobiography, The Lost Roller, and the possibility of its banning by the American publishers, I went in search of the man himself to find out the truth. The book is an achingly honest self-portrait by a gifted artist whose battle with […]...

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