Language & Memory

I am often asked – indeed interrogated – about why I read so many newspapers. “Is it because you want to pinch all their stories, or is it just to find out how proper journalists write?” I reply, in that usual ‘self-deprecating and humble’ way I have. that this is not the case, as I […]...


The Black Dog Blues

Colin Montgomery comes clean on the spiritual malaise that threatens to overwhelm him (and many others) as winter beckons ...


The Fork in the Yellow Brick Road

I’m pretty sure that most of you will have seen the Wizard of Oz, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s technicolour masterpiece which at times resembles a drug-fuelled nightmare and at others, a winsome, saccharine fairy tale. My own memories of watching the film are of being terrified into a silent stupor and wetting myself at the sight of the […]...


Just lie to your father, Sally Fraser…

…Come on now. Tomorrow you will be thirty-four years old. People tell lies every day. Just make something up....


It appears that I am now a Chef

Devotees of my articles – that’s to say, anyone who happened to stumble upon last month’s column as well as this – may recall that I’ve recently been pondering a change of career. For the past few years, I’ve topped up my colossal freelancer’s income by working as a barman and waiter. In other words, […]...


My Husband the Presidential Candidate

The fight to save a 12th century French church continues with a rather surprising new development, writes Marianne Wheelaghan...


The power of the news picture

Kennedy Wilson looks at the past (and potential future) of photographic reportage, given Facebook’s recent alarming lack of historical context ...


Stand up and Spit it Out!

Breenging through the door first opened by John Cooper Clarke and Patrik Fitzgerald, the Ranters arrived via the alternative Cabaret scene of the early 1980s. Leading the charge was a demure young man with the magnificent moniker of Attila the Stockbroker, others soon followed, Benjamin Zephaniah, Tim Wells, Seething Wells, Porky the Poet and Joolz. […]...


Arund the world in forty years

My mate Tosh – in common with most Scottish Toshes it’s short for MacKintosh – was in at the birth of the Real Foods revolution working for what has since become a venerable Edinburgh institution as, either a delivery driver or hired muscle, in the late 1970s. And now, just like that, it appears they […]...


“Channel 4 is funded by advertising. Channel 4 is owned by you”

I noticed this on a bus recently and found it startling (writes Mark Young). It brought to mind the early days of the channel from 1982 (some thirty-four summers distant). Back then it was only partially funded and it might surprise a modern readership to know that it often lay dormant, showing a cue card […]...


It is Time to Change the Planning System

Deirdre Brock, MP for Edinburgh North and Leith...


The Tortoise & The Hare (A Modern Fable)

Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is an oldie but a goody. As a Personal Trainer (and in this issue I’m returning to one of my favourite topics, movement) I teach people how to exercise safely and effectively. I never beast a client, that would be too […]...


The Monsters in the Mortar

Rodger Moffat sheds light on a dark period in the history of Leith Walk ...


THE haggis

I totally get the simplicity of ‘meat and two veg’ thinking. It’s simple, requires little effort and is hugely satisfying. The thing with and (in many ways) the beauty of plant based cooking is that you have to think a bit more creatively. Sure you could serve a block of tofu on a pile of […]...

Mrs MacPickle

Emigrating to Leith

Dear Mrs MacPickle, I write to you from the isolated Norwegian island of Morten Harket (population 1) where I am curator of the region’s largest herring museum, located in the once thriving but now abandoned Magne Furuholmen fish mine.  Visitors to my museum are few and life here is lonely. If it wasn’t for the […]...

Cannibal Alexander 'Sawney" Bean

A Restaurant called Hate

The Editor on weirdly named foodstuffs and a Scottish cannibal...

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