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Fridge Porn (TM)

In which we discuss fridge porn, cleaning up our neighbourhood and, erm, a hooligan golfer...

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Gerry Farrell and his wife Zsuzsa got so fed up hearing themselves moaning about Leith’s filthy streets that they decided to do something about it: ‘Are youse getting paid tae dae this?” We get asked this every time we’re out picking up litter in Leith. “Nope, we’re doing it for nothing.” “But that’s the Cooncil’s […]...


Protempore – Issue 111

Well, spring is definitely on its way. For those of you who have regularly picked up this thunderous rag around this time of year, you’ll know that I have a particular passion for this lovely season. The crocuses poking their heads above the misty grass on the Links; the daffodils splayed across London Road Gardens; […]...

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A Man of Letters

After a recent episode of epistolary angst, Colin Montgomery writes an open letter to the guardians of democracy...

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The sweet smell of excess

These are tough times for sugar. Various credible studies have suggested that it, not the previously demonised fat, is the prime culprit for our obesity epidemic. The amount of sugar in convenience food and drink is making headlines, notably the revelation that one Starbucks product contains a frankly bonkers 25 teaspoons of sugar. Even George […]...

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Contributing to the Thunderstorm

Sally Fraser has undertaken the onerous task of writing her first novel she is looking to Dostoyevsky’s makeup bag for inspiration...

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Royalty Check or Reality Check?

Lawrence Lettice is a first time author, occasional broadcaster and feature writer who specialises in various aspects of the entertainment world...

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Dancing About Architecture

Our own vexatious correspondent, Rodger Evans, emails Agony Aunt Joan...

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The Tourist Gaze: Linger Longer in Leith

Gordon Munro on a cross generational initiative aimed at tempting some of the tourists from up the hill down to the old port....

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“Soldiers and sailors adopted tattoos as mobile souvenirs of different ports and foreign postings”

Kennedy Wilson looks at the journey the tattoo has made in the last 100 years...

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Sundance on Leith

Deidre Brock, MP for Edinburgh North and Leith, imagines Sundance on Leith...

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Sweet Potato Boats & Saffron Cream

hat is your favourite comfort food? You know, the dish you dream of all the way through a long and dreary day? What dish keeps you motivated on a long hike? Keeps you pushing on through the worst of days, knowing that deliciousness is awaiting you on your return home? It comes very naturally to […]...

Mrs MacPickle

Mrs MackPickle – Issue 111

Dear Mrs MacPickle, Do you have any tips on how to tackle picky eaters? Mealtimes in our house have become an ordeal, and we are being tyrannised by our six-year-old, who will only eat about four different foodstuffs. I am worried he will become a social outcast now he has started going to parties etc. […]...

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Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s

An unsolicited (unedited) account of looking after a sufferer from an anonymous reader....

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Dog Days in Vietnam

Niall Grant and his guide Hai take a journey from the Mekong Delta to the Cambodian border in a long tail canoe piloted by Albert Steptoe while back I spent a month working and travelling in Vietnam. The country had intrigued me for many years and I was keen to experience the people, quirks, sites […]...

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Think three positive things today

I have been swithering about this month’s column for some time now. I’m on deadline and about to go on holiday so must write. Right now. The article was originally going to be about the ‘misjustices’ doled out by the awful George Osborne and horrible Donald Trump. Unfortunately unaccustomed as I am to writing in […]...

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