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The Wisdom of Bob

A lovely eulogy from a family member at the funeral for an old friend...

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What’s the last thing you would do?

Colin Montgomery would like the Daily Mail drowned. As a building. In it’s entirety ...

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From one derelict Leith landmark…

Caroline Binnie goes Trainspotting on behalf of Leith Festival Theatre Trust...

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Rice Politics & Food Evangelism

The yeasayers and naysayers are equally adamant, but logically they can’t all be right says Tom Wheeler...

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Mind The Time When…?

In between talking about the football…Gordon Munro tells us about a brilliant project...

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Bring Leith Theatre back to life

Deidre Brock with a call to arms for all Leithers and those further afield...

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Thus Spake Arthur C Clarke

Kennedy Wilson on the inventor and prophet of the space age who would have been a 100th this year...

The DOK Artist Space Ocean Terminal

One of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets

Mark Fleming gives us an up date on the ever evolving DOK artist space at Ocean Terminal...

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“Does God Actually Talk To You?”

A malfunctioning toaster and a daughter asking awkward questions has Sally Fraser thinking of bigger problems...

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The Leith FAB Diaries

Andrew Mackenzie reports from the front line (okay margins) of Leith FAB’s cricketing year...

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Of Rent Caps & Rent Pressure Zones

Ben Macpherson on initiatives that could make renting more affordable in Edinburgh...

Mrs MacPickle

Listen To Your Instincts

Mrs MacPickle deals with a tediously first world and twenty first century problem...

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It’s a Family Affair

A relatively new opening in Leith. Focusing on acorn eating pigs...

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There is Something About Mary

Tracy Griffen: ‘You see how dedicated she is, festival posters, paperwork and gala day plans everywhere’...

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Your labour is important to us

In 2016 Mark Young saw sixty-six festival shows this year he saw only three…because he was working on them...

jimmy Shepherd RIP

James ‘Jimmy’ Shepherd 1945 – 2017

The man himself, donating £500 to his favourite charity, the SSPCA...

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