Cannibal Alexander 'Sawney" Bean

A Restaurant called Hate

The Editor on weirdly named foodstuffs and a Scottish cannibal...


Protempore … Issue 113

Brexit: Well, who would have guessed it? ...

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The Death of the Menu

If you’ve been pottering around Edinburgh for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that the past few years have seen a massive expansion of the city’s street food scene. In Pitt Street or the Meadows, Waverley or Stockbridge, you’re rarely far from a caravan, camper van or police box selling anything from Brazilian crêpes […]...

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The Apoplexy of Fools

In a shamefully paradoxical piece of hypocrisy, Colin Montgomery gets hot under the collar about the righteous anger engulfing us...


Of Beetroot and Trying to Underachieve

Sally Fraser is trying very hard to have a completely unremarkable year; unfortunately it is proving to be more difficult than she thought...

Hollywood Babylon

When the Devil Drives

Kennedy Wilson discovers what connects actress Jayne Mansfield, existentialist Albert Camus and infamous playboy Porfirio Rubirosa ...

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Surgeons’ Hall and the Edinburgh Seven

Mark Fleming acts as our guide on a tour of the History of Surgery & Pathology Museums; I’ll be the one at the back with the bucket...

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Three Treacherous Acts

Marianne Wheelaghan wonders how the local bishop got the idea the village church was about to become a nightclub ...

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Oodles & oodles of noodles

Kayt Turner reviews Wagamama....

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DeidreBrock – MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

DeidreBrock “For my part I’ll keep asking the UK Government what they’re doing and what they’re going to do”...

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The People’s Republic of Leith

Imagine if you could pioneer your own country, your own political state. What would it look like? When I first moved here I had a daydream of somehow chopping out Edinburgh from the landmass and towing it (with a very big tugboat) to warmer climes, eventually to reside in Sydney Harbour. That way I could […]...

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Split Personalities in a Room in Leith

Dave McGuire brings us up to speed on the latest goings on of the wonderfully idiosyncratic record label Song, By Toad...

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Complexity V Simplicity (Stasis or Change)

Mark Young doesn’t know whether to stick or twist, a bit like Pontoon...

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Mediterranean Lentil & Pesto Soup

So that soup train I talked about a while back? If there were to be am engine then it would be this stunner. It’s nuanced in profile, with just the right amount of licks coming from the fennel seeds and fresh parsley – the chilli and paprika add a soft warming glow to whole the […]...

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The Clash 1976

“No more Elvis, Beatles or Stones in 1977” The Clash 1976...

Mrs MacPickle

A Kid with 14 Names

Dear Mrs MacPickle, I am the happiest and proudest man alive. Hibernian’s victory in the Scottish cup final in May was the best day of my life bar none. Following my team’s momentous achievement I would like to name my baby boy, due any day now, after not just our inspirational captain and winning goal […]...

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