Issue 100 of The Leither Magazine

Essentially a Century

Here will be no telegram bearing congratulations on reaching 100 issues for The Leither, from either Betty Windsor or Mary Moriarty, but its readers in print and online are grateful that it is still here, still free and still provoking reaction in Leith, Edinburgh and, yes, the wider world… Launched in 2004, just in time […]...

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Protempore: 100

The Prime Sinister & Ian Dracula-Smith...

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The Cardboard Box on the Rocks

As summer beckons we trace the history of a cocktail, indigenous to Leith, which came into being one fateful day in the Pond Bar...

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How does one go about winning the accolade, or curse, of being ‘the voice of a
generation’? While the whole Lena Dunham/Caitlin Moran Girls Race Twitter debacle is old news, what is still news is that Lena Dunham is the 
voice of her generation. I feel I’m a good person to have an opinion 
on the […]...

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Postcards from Daniel Gray #1 Trains

In which our intrepid reporter sets forth on a journey through the very spine of Scotland...

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The Cartography of the Heart

Holding hands with you under luminous plastic stars – all the while the world spun. I heard you were still seeing that putz of a piano player; you thought I had a badly dressed girlfriend from Port Glasgow. We kissed on the steps of the Mud Club under a fake palm tree. All the while […]...

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A Short History of Selfies

The burbling classes have seized on the selfie as the defining motif of our age. Time for a revisionist skewering claims Colin Montgomery contends otherwise...

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Singing our World into Being

Writing about setting and place in fiction is crucial counsels Marianne Wheelaghan; attend to detail...

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Nuns are Still Number One

Odd as it seems, nuns have proved to be a great source of inspiration for filmmakers and TV producers. Last year we had the Oscar-nominated Philomena with Judi Dench facing hatchet faced, child snatching nuns. While on TV there’s the flipside: virtuous sisters – funny, batty and too good to be true – in Call […]...

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Who Pays the Ferryman?

Recently published by Birlinn of Edinburgh Who Pays the Ferryman, written by Roy Pedersen, describes how, from modest beginnings, Scotland went on to lead the world in maritime development. Along the way it also exposes a long-standing scandal as Pedersen contrasts the achievements of the past with the failures, waste and inadequacy of much of […]...

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Leith: Barry, Better, BIGGER

The 2011 census shows that Leith’s population has increased by a whopping 12,944 with Leith ward hosting 24,931 souls and Leith Walk ward 31,867. The highest population density in Edinburgh is in the Leith Walk area, reaching a peak of nearly 26,000 people resident within an 800 metre radius bounded by Leith Walk and Easter […]...

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Loving Leisurely Leith

That’s so great about Scotland? The referendum debate has led to some of us questioning exactly why we’re here, what it is to be in Scotland, and to identify ourselves as Scottish. Many of my antipodean relations wonder why I prefer a dark, cold country to the shores of the ‘Lucky Country’. I tell them […]...

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Mrs. MacPickle: Avoid Talking Politics

Dear Mrs MacPickled, I am in a quandary about this independence referendum hoo-ha. I’d managed to avoid having an opinion on it but it’s all getting a bit heated now, one is frightened to open one’s mouth in case one inserts a foot with regard to the yes lot or the better together lot. I […]...

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Green & Leithy / Sweet potato, Saffron & Chickpea Boats

In this recipe the spicy, crunchy roasted chickpeas are the perfect antidote to the sweet and smooth potato and then there’s the saffron cream – oh my goodness is it not just the most luxurious, earthy and satisfying delight you could ever drizzle over any dish? Velvety and fresh. The stuff dreams are made of. […]...

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The Great American Songbook

Lawrence Lettice on the essential ingredients that make for a good crooner… ately I’ve been amused by the spectacle of certain singers (stubbornly resisting the ageing process) deciding, wisely or otherwise, to take the risk of leaping into the musical unknown. Gravitating towards a different musical sound as they attempt to mature like a good […]...

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