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Editor: You Are The Star of The Show

Leith Gala Day and attendant Festival are just around the corner...

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Protempore – Issue 101

Miliband’s acute case of coulrophobia, brought on by Nigel Farage...

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Postcard from Daniel Gray: #2 Wick

In which our intrepid reporter actually manages to get into Wick...

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Growing Up In Public

Jessica Taylor on keeping up with the kids, and her grandparents...

Paul Laverty on the set of The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Adventures in the Screen Trade

Before leaving for Cannes Paul Laverty talks to Alan Bett about his long association with Ken Loach ...


The Library of Babel

Rodger Evans had too much to dream last night, oh, and his library books are overdue...

The great Robin Friday

The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw

As Andy Murray’s hotel gains accolades, Colin Montgomery offers business advice to ex-sportsmen...

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Goodbye & Hello

Michael Pedersen and Scott Hutchison on the art of leaving and dodgy toilet seats ...

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The 100 Coolest People on Earth

The American Cool exhibition at Washington DC’s National Portrait Gallery defines cool says Kennedy Wilson ...

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Magic & Loss

An event in memory of a young man taken too soon leaves its mark on a grateful community...

Young Fathers

Scottish Album of The Year

Dave McGuire’s initial scepticism toward the SAY awards is replaced by hearty endorsement...

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Mrs MacPickle – Issue 101

“I told my young son he couldn’t sit with his willy hanging out”...

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I Should Coco!

Tracy Griffen’s life has been taken over by a young Pug puppy...

Rachel Hein

A Social Outdoor Livingroom

Kids out of touch with nature? Sally Fraser reckons Leith Community Croft is an answer...

Past Leithers

Essentially a Century

Gordon Munro says Happy Birthday, with a little bit of added history...

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