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Selling off a Neighbourhood

Over 120 tenement flats (in a dozen blocks) in the Lorne Street area of Leith are being sold off, leaving tenants with no alternative housing. Four months ago, all households took delivery of a letter from a solicitor and estate agent informing them that ‘retention of The Agnes Hunter Trust’s property portfolio was no longer […]...

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The Eldorado of the Ordinary

The quest for the centre ground has come to define UK politics. Is this tyranny of the middle masking something sinister? Asks Colin Montgomery...

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A Matter of Time

As anyone who has read any Stephen Hawking, watched Back to the Future or dabbled in hallucinogens will know, time isn’t necessarily the straightforward concept it’s cracked up to be. Minutes pass like hours on a sunny Friday afternoon in the office then disappear like seconds in the beer garden afterwards. But even if we […]...

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Gotham City’s Finest

‘I’m going to show you where I live, where I dream’ – William Dean Howells, The Coast of Bohemia...

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A Kind of Immortal Memory

Almost exactly three decades after his passing, Rodger Evans recalls the most heroic of all his heroes...

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The £10,000 Question

Sally Fraser on the vexed question of a wedding gift list when you are a fully paid up anti-capitalist revolutionary…...

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Home’s Bar morphs into Manhattan Loft…

Despite having given up all things stressful – the Civil Service coalface, listening to ukulele abuse, meeting Leither deadlines…...

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The best version of yourself

Emma McVitie (Fashion) and Kelly Bakewell (Beauty) will be sharing their secrets from next month – a flavour of things to come...


Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free

Little globes of flavoursome, wholesome goodness, Bliss Balls (capitals required) are one of my secret snack weapons. They’re basically a canvas of dried fruits and seeds/nuts that you flavour to your heart’s desire. They take at most 10 minutes to knock up and involve getting really messy paws. Which I personally think makes food so […]...

Mrs MacPickle

How to Navigate the 21st Century

Dear Mrs MacPickle, I have recently found myself single in my thirties, having been in a relationship since my teens. How on earth am I to navigate the twenty-first century and find romance? Does romance even exist anymore? Last time I dated there were barely even mobile phones and I just used to hang about […]...

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Running for Alice J Parberry

It was at the end of summer, just as my last Leither running article went to print, that I realised I’d been doing more writing about running than running itself. ‘Rightio’ I thought. (Because that’s what I actually think in my head, it’s my call to action.) ‘I know what I’ll do, I’ll run every […]...

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Silver Linings and Wartime Leith

My publishers, Black & White, had recently asked me to write another book and, as if by chance, whilst considering this proposal, the media began replaying Winston Churchill’s famous wartime speeches. Listening again to these orations I was immediately transported back to 1940. I was only a child of five then but I remember my […]...

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Inside The Tin Shed

In September, Ocean Terminal hosted the press launch of ‘The Hub’ – a collaboration of four artistic enterprises based at the shopping centre. The quartet showcased were: DOK Artist Space (promoting art in Scotland by offering studio and exhibition space), Scottish Design Exchange (a new concept retail space for artists and designers working and manufacturing […]...

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Thunderbirds are Go!

Kennedy Wilson on the millionaire former astronaut who, along with his family, became an unexpected icon of the 1960s...

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Your stay in Hell is important to us

Mark Young has been playing with tech since 1980 and is yet to stop – he is very tired here’s a constant buzz in my head-box and I’m beginning to realise what it is. At first I thought it was tinnitus, then a strip light preparing to fail, even that whistling man at Leith Victoria […]...

Silvio, our man in Leith

That Time of Year Again

The scary American gourmand is in town again, and he wants my advice...

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