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Hello Little One

Dear reader – I use the singular advisedly – you will find a leaflet embedded in the folds of this particular issue of The Leither, please desist from casting it aside with undue force, it is not an advertising scam perpetrated by some scurrilous ne’er-do-well trying to separate you from your hard earned. Indeed it […]...


Protempore: Water of Leith

Our stretch of the water is home to piles of rubbish, footballs, discarded shopping trolleys and large amounts of silt ...

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Neu! Reekie! #UntitledLive The Interviews

Michael Pedersen: Kevin Williamson and I set up Neu! Reekie! in December 2010. We’re now entering our fifth year programming what we reckon have been cutting edge, fast-paced yet carefully curated mixed-arts events with a literary yolk – all you have to do is bring your own toast and get dipping. We’ve taken this unique […]...

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A Postcard from: Wembley

The man has a piece of paper. On it is written ‘Black Ford’ and ‘11.30am’. Up and down, up and down he paces along the footpath, glancing at cars and then at the paper. With the non-note hand, he nudges his sinking spectacles hard against the bridge of his nose, sighs and slumps against a […]...

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Eve Arnold: An Unretouched Woman

Kennedy Wilson remembers the famous Magnum photographer who photographed Marilyn Monroe and migrant farmers with the same compassionate eye...

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The Gwyneth bloody Paltrow process

I very now and then, I’ll find myself talking to someone who proudly claims never to eat processed food. My preferred approach in these situations is to excuse myself politely and down a pint of Cup-a-Soup – which is probably good news for the person concerned, because if I were ever to provide a proper […]...

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The Rainbow Chasing Hippo & I

In the beginning was the word and verily the word was spoken reckons Rodger Evans...

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At home on Disappearing Islands

When Marianne Wheelaghan fancied a change she certainly got one, the Republic of Kiribati, bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...

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Rediscovering Our Promised Lands

With the official confirmation that public life is a corrupt cesspit of lies, Colin Montgomery suggests we reset our moral compass ...

Green and Leithy - Vegan Omelete

Green & Leithy – Vegan Omelette

Yep I know, Vegan and Omelette are about as synonymous as techno and tranquillity but therein lies the beauty. The challenge (and thus for me the thrill) of vegan cooking is finding ways to recreate typical dishes that everyone can enjoy together (except if you’re allergic to soya that is – soz). Perhaps I’m slightly […]...

Mrs MacPickle - The Leither

Mrs MacPickle – Issue 107

My 6-year-old daughter wants a wallet made out of solid gold....

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Into That Darkness

Mark Fleming enjoys flicking through a childhood diary from 1976. A chance meeting later that day reminds him of a darker side to the same year...

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Boobs to bum, Boobs to Bum

Sally Fraser, somewhat improbably, embarks on a series of pole dancing classes which apparently make ‘the cares of the day slip away’ ...

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…when I think about running

Fantastic ideas rush through my head as I hurtle downhill from Arthur’s Seat. When I run, thoughts become fluid and I see the world with renewed clarity. Running is something I’ve done since I was a nipper. Growing up in the South Australian countryside, I could run for ages and not see another soul. It […]...


Way Out West With The Man From Leith

Dave McGuire interviews Dean Owens for The Leither Magazine....

George Clooney Super 8

A Shoulder for Stars to Cry on

Planet of the Apes star Roddy McDowall’s 16mm films of Hollywood stars relaxing at his house in the 1960s have gone viral, Kennedy Wilson tells us more...

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