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Issue 147

Cover Story

The man who drew everything

The extraordinary life of Tom Curr

Short Story

Red flags


So you would think, you would think, I would be brilliant at noticing red flags, instead of going head first into them

The Power of Pimping


Never averse to a spot of amateur self-analysis, Tom Wheeler explains why things have taken this turn

On the Loose

Where are the modern-day equivalents of Churchill, De Gaulle or Roosevelt, those prepared to plan for the decades to come?


Ukraine, as an independent state will survive, but where will her settled borders lie?

The Leith Glutton

Fun, messy food hits the spot


No point pretending it’s refined food, just filthy good gluttony, which I’m still thinking of a week later

Don’t take me to your leader…


What is a leader? Is anyone in charge? If they are, does it make a blind bit of difference? Colin Montgomery chews it over

Deidre Brock

The Tories last prevailed in 1955


We’re being held back by the UK’s hostile and restrictive immigration system

Muster Station: Leith


The conductor Bruno
Walter, a refugee from the Anschluss in Austria in 1938, reunited with the Vienna Philharmonic at the inaugural festival in 1947

90% of Everything


A Korean Second Officer I had never met before gave me a €50 note and asked me to bring him back Spam

Changes at City Chambers


Cammy Day takes us inside the new administration

The Pink Flamingos of Baltimore


Ken Wilson on John Waters and Baltimore, once described as the ‘bad taste capital of America’

The shape behind the curtain


Our primary interest here is Windsor Street, which sits in the shadow of the spectral and imposing London Road Gardens

The Bow-Tows & Leith Hospital


I chose Leith Hospital for my first job because of my affection for the place and the deep debt that I and all Newhaveners owed it

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