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Coming soon: Issue 145

As the world continues to go to hell in a wheelbarrow, or should that be a shopping trolley? A shopping trolley stolen from Majestic Wines by our “burst couch” of a Prime Minister Bozza.

That “burst couch” is copyrighted by our very own Protempore and he continues to coruscate the bibulous buffoon in the latest, let’s call it Easter, issue of The Leither (No 145).

N.B. If you wish to use the words “burst couch” in any communication ,verbal or otherwise , Mr Tempah - as he styles himself here at Leither Towers - is amenable, for “a consideration”.

Elsewhere in the rag, you will find That Elvis Presley and others in some rarely seen photos from the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll, when they all jumped on a bus one midwinter in 1956. Salad days indeed,

before everything went stellar. The more touching for that.

Anyway, I’d better stop slavering.

In other news we have the rise of the far right and its implications for the ongoing French elections; an invitation to send in work for Issue 2 of Leith’s very own writerly compendium, The Darting Salamander, Gordon Munro on shipbuilding (or not), the Leith Glutton loving Aemila and Mistral’s pop up in Portobello.

As well as, phew, a wonderful short story from Katy Nixon, the history of a street in Newhaven, staying sober for a year, a ghost in Dalmeny Street and the fractious demise of Leith FM.

Under what part of the blue sky do you rascally now go?

Answers on a postcard…


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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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