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Winter Health & Fitness
Tracy Griffen

The Storytellers
of the Future


If you like a good story, it’s likely you’ll also enjoy listening to a podcast. A good podcaster will take the listener on a journey - educating, entertaining and enabling a wee bit of escapism from the everyday.

You can find podcasts on the internet, either by searching for them, or through a streaming service (i.e. Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music or Apple).

They are shows presented by experts, organisations or individuals who have a message they want to broadcast. The more podcasts I listen to, the more interesting content I realise is out there. If you subscribe to a podcast you’ll get alerts when new episodes are available online.

Here’s a selection of podcasts I like to listen to, when you find one you ‘like’ you’ll notice other podcasts may be suggested by your streaming service.

Just One Thing with Michael Mosley: If time is tight, what’s the one thing that you could be doing to improve your health and wellbeing?

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee: “Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it.” In this podcast we hear stories from health experts and personalities who offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths.

Headspace: One of the most established meditation podcasts, they also offer an app and two series on Netflix that teach you the basics of mindfulness.

The Organic Gardening Podcast: Inspiration to help you learn more about gardening the organic way, offering advice, tips and interviews from Garden Organic.

Gardening with the RHS: Seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions to gardening problems. The latest news from the Royal Horticultural Society is currently weekly.

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Our annual celebration of all things literary, has a podcast featuring authors who are appearing or have appeared at the annual festival. Quite an extensive back catalogue here, over 50 author interviews and readings.

When Leith Festival announced they were launching a podcast network, I had to get involved. Having stood down from the Festival Coordinator role to focus on my fitness business, I wished to remain engaged with Edinburgh’s oldest festival.

The original Healthy Living in Leith show was launched over a decade ago on Leith-FM, I may be longer in the tooth now, but the irreverent nature of the show continues, this time in podcast form.

Expect local walks, interviews, a regular workout, and original music from our inhouse musical producer (a.k.a. husbandingo Andy Wright, my taller half).

We hope to present a metaphorical meander through Leith, its environs and its people. No exercise equipment is required for the workouts. Apparently, it’s like Japanese Radio Calisthenics... Yes, that’s a thing.

The fully-fledged Leith Festival Podcast Network launched at the end of 2021 encompassing a range of shows; from food and drink to healthy living, music and Leith life. The aim is to provide a platform for local voices and an opportunity to build new skills.

On a personal level, and as a micro-business owner with limited time and resources, there’s no way I would have launched into podcasting if it weren’t for the guidance of Carrie and the Leith Festival volunteers programme. Sometimes, as a self-employed individual, it’s heartening to be involved in a community group.
Here is the schedule:

Erin Eats Everything:
A podcast exploring everything food and drink related in sunny Leith.

Listening to Leith:
Meet Elinor and Kirin, and follow their adventures as they get to know each other and they’re in one of the most populous neighbourhoods in Edinburgh.

Love That Track:
Join Carrie and check out her monthly playlists and guest interviews, focusing on a wide range of music and the reasons we love certain songs.

The podcast network will run until the end of 2022, with an aim to engage with the local community and listeners further afield. It’s where you can find out the latest Leith Festival news leading up to summer, and stay in the loop when the festival is live. All shows are produced by Leith Festival volunteers.

Get Involved!
Listen in by searching for Leith Festival Podcast Network in your search engine, or the platforms mentioned above and follow us to keep up-to-date with the all of the latest episodes and news from Leith Festival. ■

Info: Are you interested in podcasting? Get involved in one of many roles by filling in the Volunteer with Us form at
Twitter: @tracygriffen

Photograph: Mohammad Metri


Having stood down from the Festival Coordinator role, I wished to remain engaged with Edinburgh’s oldest festival


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