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Issue 150

Cover Story

“Food, heat and shelter should be fundamental human rights”


For example, in 2017 one in nine children were reported with mental health problems, by 2021 it was one in six

Deidre Brock

Leith is connected to the world


The heraldic arms of Mary of Guise, formerly displayed in Water Street and St Anthony’s Port, now in South Leith Parish Church

On the Loose

Unlike the Québécois the Scots were not defeated in battle to create the new unified state


De Gaulle’s speech from the balcony of Québec’s provincial parliament got him chucked out of the country by Pierre Trudeau

The Leith Glutton

Come with friends & prepare to share


Joanna and Alexandra from Athens and Crete have birthed one of the finest new additions to Leith’s culinary landscape

The Power of the People


Politics matter, It is the way in which we organise our society says Tim Bell…

“It’s weird to think there’s a book…


…where people are actively talking about the living room you had as a teenager.”

Welcome to Leith – In the year 2173


It’s a big birthday for this venerable organ, so Colin Montgomery marks the moment by getting in his flying car and visiting Leith 150 years on…

The bow tows knew how to celebrate


For many years Newhaven fishermen suffered setbacks when trying for a safe anchorage from winter storms, writes Dougie Ratcliffe

The Covid Cycle Club


What did you do during Covid? Gordon Munro and his pals (hello Willy Barr!) created their own wee bubble

The hidden history of music and movies


Kennedy Wilson on the inner workings of Hollywood and the early scratchy shellac of the first 78 discs

Leith: a History of Sorts


Tom Wheeler suggests Lachlan Rose (he of the Lime Cordial) ‘stole the Navy’s booze’

Farewell to a troublesome friend


Tracy Griffen brings in the new year as a columnist without portfolio, the words ‘world’ and ‘oyster’ spring to mind

Towards continuity & stability


Charlie Ellis gives us a year in the life of the old Royal Edinburgh High School and a possible future

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