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Issue 159

Cover Story

You must make a bit of a fuss about this!

Graham Ross

I don’t know about you, but sleaze is one of my favourite words


Corruption has been around ever since a talking snake convinced a woman to eat a magic apple

20 years of The Leither: A reader writes


Three things close to my heart, local media, print journalism & community, find happy conjunction in these pages

Stephen Millar

How bad is the drug problem in Leith in 2024?


Nitazenes are stronger than heroin, described by the BBC as 500 times stronger than morphine

Where do we go from here?


‘Hope is not a form of guarantee; it’s a form of energy, and very frequently that energy is strongest in circumstances that are very dark’
John Berger

Communists, killers and champions


Charlie Ellis explores Edinburgh’s rich but overlooked history of competitive table tennis

Ken’s vintage movie vault


Our Mr Wilson dives into recent books on cinema & the films relating to them

Tim Bell

Every day in local supermarkets…


There are more food banks than branches of MacDonalds in the sixth richest country in the world

The Leith Glutton

New kids on the block


Dishes are very fresh, ingredients precisely chosen and often flawlessly cooked

What a tangled web we weave


With new legal protections in force to stamp out hatred in Scotland, Colin Montgomery dares to dip his toe into the debate…

Tracy Griffen

Perseverance personified


Sun shadows on Leith buildings, just look up and see the shadows, ghost signs, and chimney stacks

Deidre Brock

Leith’s independent spirit…


Brexit’s parochialism doesn’t represent Leith, immigration and exchange has been part of our story for centuries

The Games Children Played


Dr George Venters on a time when school children could play games in the street due to fewer cars

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