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Issue 157

Cover Story

“The youngest child soldier was a five year old in Uganda...”

John Galloway, artist

Editor at Large

40 years of excellence


On dark winter nights Pierinos windows offers a conversation of light

The Circle of Nostalgia


For as long as humans have formed into social groups, a recurring pattern has manifested itself writes Tom Wheeler

1984 & Julia resonate toda


The best dystopian novels capture something of the present day, says Kennedy Wilson

Sandy Campbell

Falling into loving languages


My mum fed me stories of her time in France after the war, nurturing a romantic fantasy about all things French

Lost, deep in Ocean Terminal


Pianos are in some sense living instruments, affected by their surroundings

Graham Ross

And so here we are, another new year…


Are we more concerned with a ship of grain disappearing than a generation of innocent children?

Deidre Brock

A world free of monstrous weapons


The concerns of the anti-Polaris activists were prescient and remain deeply relevant today

The Personal & The Universal


The objects seem very real and familiar, however not all is as it seems

The Newhaven fishwife’s lot


Surprisingly, while walking they often sang the hymns of American evangelists Dwight Moody and Ira Sankey

Tracy Griffen

Seeds of Hope


Lynn and Sandra have produced the roadmap for those who wish to follow in their footsteps

“It looks er... jolly simple, doesn’t it?”
“It’s, er, jolly deadly, old boy”


Lawrence Lettice celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the film Zulu

Which comes first, the music or the words?


After a Samaritans shift I can experience the world more vividly, more pungently, more noisily

Small Talk on the Walk


Dr Leander Jameson gave his name to a botched military adventure, and became the model for Rudyard Kipling’s poem If

The Citadel is Leith’s heart


Citadel Youth Centre has been serving Leith for 40 years writes Gordon Munro

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