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Issue 156

Cover Story

After a 100 years Leith wakes to two new whisky makers on our doorstep

Editor at Large

Remembrance of things past…


And so we walked on, a respectful distance behind, losing the words in the wind

Tom & the time capsule flat


Mr Wheeler returns to the apartment he left many years ago to collect his stuff. As you do…

The cool wind of change


It was 20 years ago today, sang the Beatles, But what about 60 years ago? Kennedy Wilson travels back to the future

There’s a little lighthouse…


The East Breakwater Lighthouse was established in 1876 and continued operation until the mid-1950s

Tracy Griffen

Tales of the golden Spurtle


Oats are a Scottish superfood. So cheap! So local! So healthy! So good!


The eye for an eye rhetoric will leave everyone in the region blind


International law states the commission of a war crime does not justify further war crimes in response

Deidre Brock

Initiatives & fresh ideas


I believe this concept deserves wider attention, so I’m currently in the process of applying for a debate at Westminster

Old Spence & the American consul


I suspect Fiske was a discreet man, dragged into one of the highest profile sex scandals of the age

God bless us – every one!


Lawrence Lettice examines the enduring appeal of the Charles Dickens classic,
A Christmas Carol

The Man on a Wire


In a Scotland of inclusive non-binary tolerance, it’s funny how excluding, binary and intolerant some are becoming, ponders Colin Montgomery

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


A modern state can have a regular army and the right to defend itself. Stateless, the Palestinians have no such might or right

Let’s work together on this


Cammy Day on the challenge of spreading the benefits of tourism more widely across our city

The path least travelled


You can still feel the absence in the area of a community displaced during the slum clearances

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