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Issue 155

Cover Story

Who changed the history, and fashion, of the game forever

Editor at Large

Of Football & Dominoes


Two fellows edged across the tartan carpet in my direction, eyeing me like circling sharks

Now the art thief can steal himself


As Christmas reveals itself on the horizon, Kennedy Wilson hones his wish list for your delectation

40 years and counting


A question Tom Wheeler asks you to ponder: over the course of your whole life, which piece of music have you heard more than any other?

The deeply
enigmatic No 13


Millions of years from now, those exploring our planet will land their sleek craft near the ruins of a No 13 bus

Coffee on the Walk


Over the past few months my partner and I have started our Saturdays in a coffee house on The Walk, always a new one, writes Alexandra Cirstian


From Bernard Street to Everest base camp


Adele’s depiction of a female Sherpa at Everest Base Camp promptly picked up the Most Creative Design award in the competition

Deidre Brock

Disinformation and Straw Men


You only need to look at David Cameron’s decision to ‘cut the green crap’ a decade ago

Sandy Campbell

Following the next referendum in Scotland, whenever it happens, England could well be on their own for the first time in a thousand years


English leftists or liberals thought themselves ‘European’ or a ‘citizen of the World’.

James IV & The Michael


The ship cost James IV over £30,000 at a time when the king’s annual income was only an equivalent amount

Much like Doctor Who’s Tardis


Lawrence Lettice on the ongoing travails affecting his former long-term employer, The Beeb

A halo on our seaside home


It starts as
silken sleeves rolling
over roof tops, cresting
concrete teeth softened
under hazy glow.

The Great Conflagration…


We’re doomed and no amount of me clattering last week’s wine ration into a bottle bank is going to change that

Leith goes to London’s West End


First there was the book The pundits panned it, or, more to the point, ignored it. It wasn’t polite. It wasn’t a nice subject. Tim Bell does not agree

Leith Glutton

No one else in town cooks like this


If you could distil this experience into a pill, Eddie Cochran would have had his cure for the summertime blues

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