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Issue 154

Editor at Large

Unemployment between the wars


When I was unemployed I had to sign on the broo 5 days a week: every mornin’ at 9 o’clock and back at 2 o’clock

A Charter for the Weary


Counter-culture guru Timothy Leary urged us to Turn on, Tune in, Drop out. Reject the mainstream. It’s time to repurpose his famous exhortation, says Colin Montgomery

Now and Forever


As the fabulous Delgados return to the stage after 17 years, our correspondent Tom Wheeler compares and contrasts

The old Tudor cinema, 1963


Lawrence Lettice takes an affectionate symbolic motorbike ride towards the Swiss Border

Adventures in Time:
a Trilogy


David Munro’s latest book, Earthman is a cross between science fiction and historical fiction, a novel of adventure and perilous times


Robbie’s death sent me down a wine-soaked rabbit hole…


Despite its class-based inaccessibility, Edinburgh Council still rakes in a vast amount of money during the festival

Deidre Brock

Bitter foes, now firm friends


With the onus on the claimant to re-apply, there’s a real worry that some folk will miss out on Universal Credit

The Ballad of the Oyster Wars


Fishin’ has aye been the maist perilous o’ jobs and this exposed them tae even mair dangers. Yet nowhere was the Duke o’ Buccleuch ever held tae account

Tales from the Witches Sabbath


Other unfortunate Leithers to be tried under the 1542 Witchcraft Act include one John Scott, a possible relative of your humble writer John Tantalon

Feaster Road & Little Fitzroy


Is the UK still a tea dominated country? Asks Charlie Ellis, a confirmed coffee confrere

The Truman Show


It’s not one of the Ten Commandments nor a Deadly Sin but is there anything worse than betrayal asks Kennedy Wilson (especially that of a friend)?

The Tentacles of Slavery


It wasn’t until 2015 that the Treasury finally paid off the loans for slave owner compensation, writes Cammy Day

Tim Bell

In Search of a Good Life


Don’t just dwell on our agreements. Focus on differences. Open a dialogue. It sharpens our thinking. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

The Leith Glutton

Selling tea back to Japan


The term ‘tea master’ has to be bestowed on you, I’m still a novice even though I do this professionally

Tracy Griffen

It’s Pure Leith, Mate


In business there’s a saying, if you do something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life

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