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Issue 153

Cover Story

Your Factually Inadequate Guide

Editor at Large

Tattie Jock, Malabar & an Egyptian Dentist


On a Saturday night there was an awful lot of drunkenness, fall oots aboot football or somethin’

Coco Chanel & Mary Quant


Two exhibitions in Scotland have a common theme: colour and fashion. Kennedy Wilson gets on his glad rags

At 6.49 am on Saturday 22 May 1915…


Both signalmen were subsequently found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to periods of imprisonment, one with hard labour

Tracy Griffen

If life gives you lemons


Our current situation is the polar opposite of Lockdown, it’s a lot more people-y in one of the UK’s most densely populated areas

The Steadfast Gate Mystery


John Tantalon gives us another twisted tale from his files


227,000. That’s a big number whatever way you look at it


Jean Adamson watched through a care home window as her father sang a hymn while succumbing to the virus on Easter Sunday 2020

Deidre Brock

From the Himalayas to the Pacific


We owe a huge debt to groups like the Water of Leith Conservation Trust, working tirelessly at the sharp end

Tim Bell

The Duke of Edinburgh’s finger


In 1969 Prince Philip pressed a button that would prove to be a very significant intervention into natural forces

The Leith Glutton

My foodie tram spot crawl


A special mention to the lovely waiter come beekeeper who patiently explained the inner workings of his apiary to us

The Dark Streets of Leith


A fascinating history of crimes committed during the 19th Century, either in Leith or by people originating from Leith, Margaret Hubble tells us more

The taking of Newhaven 123…


Every summer, Edinburgh is hijacked by tourism. Perhaps there’s a 1970s style thriller in the making suggests Colin Montgomery

Women in Peril


Two films, made 20 years apart, show different aspects of that old trope, the woman in peril. Kennedy Wilson goes to the rescue

Leith is on the move


Cammy Day on a number of Council initiatives with the old port at their heart

Going round in circles


After a damp and warm week, the pathway lies bordered in deep green; nettles and ground-elder covering every spare inch

Inchkeith: Island of History


The shell ricocheted off the water and hit a tenement at 118 Salamander Street in Leith. Fortunately no one was injured

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