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Issue 152

Cover Story

The Man who
sold New York

Editor at Large

Gala day, gulls & 7,000 dollars


The golden rule of gala day is: if you have any sense, you’ll want to lose it promptly

We are all a bunch of cults


Think our technologically advanced society is leaving the world of ignorance, superstition, and rituals behind? Think again, suggests Colin Montgomer

On the Loose

Kids are resilient after all, or so we told ourselves.


How we fulfil our
generational obligation to our young should be as important as climate change

Writer without portfolio

Coco the Emperor dog


Pugs were highly valued by Chinese Emperors as the royal dogs, kept in luxury and guarded by soldiers

The path with no end in sight


I weigh up my options. Where am I going? If only the path took me home. Instead, I feel I must vacate the tranquillity


On Saturday 8 May 2023, the United Kingdom government spent upwards of


Pardon me for asking, but isn’t the archbishop’s undoubted ‘king’ that bloke whose death gave rise to Easter eggs?

Deidre Brock

A Strengthened Approach


Scotland’s foreign direct investment rose by 14% last year, compared to 1.8% in the rest of the UK

Who asked for the Trams?


Leith has suffered this before, when Leith Central Station opened in 1903 it was grotesquely over-sized and over-ambitious

The Leith Glutton

And then there were three…


Like its namesake, Heron is a graceful place that, at times, soars and glides with impressive ease

Radio, a live transmission…


Tom Wheeler reckons there’s a good reason why, as a collective, radio listeners are peculiarly resistant to the prospect of change

Gala Day or the Proclaimers Live?


Either it’s euphoric sunshine on Leith or it’s raining stair rods and windy, but here at the old port we persevere till the end

“Petanque? Surely a bit bourgeois for you?”


The best story involves Mick Jagger who won £19,000 at Cannes from two Frenchmen who underestimated his skill at the game

Curating a sense of belonging


They want to create a replica of a Newhaven home in October 1881 to commemorate those who perished in a fishing disaster on that date

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