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Issue 149

Cover Story
11 October 1938 - 3 October 2022

Remembering two landladies


Jessie, landlady of The Trafalgar and Mary Moriarty in the Port ‘o’ Leith

How to get your teeth into Christmas


For many, Christmas will be a bittersweet affair. Colin Montgomery literally loses molars thinking about it

Making a song & dance about it


Gordon Young takes us back to 1896 when a Mr. James Morrison Cooke formed The Fisherlassies’ Choir

The Leith Glutton

In want of a good wine bar


There is an odd, if admittedly small, thrill to be had knowing that you are drinking the first bottle of Corpinnat ever opened in Leith

A tattoo with a harp below it


John Tantalon tells us the story of a man with a ‘good health’ tattoo and a lot of bad luck

There Was Something About Mary


Don’t call her the Queen of Leith! “It’s bloody embarrassing, I don’t know why people call me that”

Deidre Brock

On a warm afternoon in July…


If these iconic buildings are a symbol of our democracy, then surely their decay reflects the structural defects of the British state

It’s believed Columba preached to the Picts


Roy Pedersen gives us a sneak preview of his new book, The Port of Inverness, a celebration of 175 years as a trust port

A Carnival of Light


With autumn looming, the countdown is well and truly underway for the opening of the always enchanting Christmas at the Botanics

An Unusual Medicine


The CBD market is
being reshaped in the likeness of a pharmaceutical idyll


Dear reader, as you know, this column…


To say the Tories time in office has been anything other than a complete shitshow would be insulting to the very worst understatement

The good, the bad & the ugly


Kennedy Wilson on the best and worst of books that have been turned into films

Tim Bell

Getting creative between three dots…


There’s love poetry coming down the Water of Leith, creating human warmth between the inert figures of Anthony Gormley

Old Tom’s Almanack: 2023 Edition


Mr Wheeler ventures into Mystic Meg territory with some predictions for the upcoming year

Running towards skulduggery


Aidan Cashin has a fever dream during a training session

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