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Issue 145

Cover Story
1956: a defining year for Elvis Presley
Here delaying his gig to call a sick girl
Editor at Large

Electric afternoon in Cleveland


“Looking back, I realise I captured the birth of rock’n’roll”

Reflections on a more certain uncertainty


As the tectonic plates shift and the world judders, Colin Montgomery takes himself off to Ayrshire

The Leith Glutton

Silenced by the brilliance...


It’s the kind of place where everyone is younger than you but kind enough not to notice

The dark master


Best remembered for Breakfast at Tiffany’s Truman Capote’s real magnum opus was far darker says Kennedy Wilson

Health & Fitness

A Totally Teetotal Twenty Twenty-Two


The only thing ever questioned is why people don’t drink, it’s a qualifier for belonging

Deidre Brock

I didn’t envy Chris Stephens…


Disability Payment will replace PIP for disabled people of working age
in Scotland


UK politicians actually walking into television studios with straight faces and lying to the public


Ministers took to the airwaves to lie, not obfuscate, or divert attention, but actually lie about what Johnson had said

Mao’s deputy was asked if the French Revolution had been a success or not, “Too early to say” came his chilling reply


At the time of writing, France is in the middle of presidential elections. I’m predicting Macron again – but only just!

A Top of the Pops fixated childhood


Tom Wheeler makes a decent fist of trying to justify bubble gum pop and Cheesy Wotsits

Short Story

The River Witch


After they drowned her I tried to make myself as small as my hands when they were clasped in prayer

“Can you hear me Mother?”


Accusations of monstrous bad behaviour quickly poisoned the well of the station’s much loved community spirit

In the beginning there was the word…


Tim Bell (self-portrait) sends out a call to writers and would be writers to send in contributions for the second volume of Leith’s very own compendium of new writing: The Darting Salamander.



It’s just a rumor that was spread around town
By the women and children
Soon we’ll be shipbuilding
Elvis Costello

10 Dalmeny St: The Lady in Black


John S Tantallon interviews Ghosts Trapped Underground’s Jade Cappaso about her childhood encounter in Leith

The History of a Street


Hawthornvale in Newhaven is a community within a community, Dougie Ratcliffe tells us more

Do you prefer telescopes or microscopes?


Regulations from a bygone era continue, but the writing is on the wall: The numbers don’t lie

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