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Issue 144

Cover Story

Sandy Campbell highlights the Ukraine stand off from a historical perspective, including the improbable visit of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in 1896

Editor at Large

Perusing Hangover Cures


The working title of my upcoming cookbook is, Cooking without Food

“Take me to the river, drop me in the Water”


It started with a request I made to Scottish Water in the middle of last year, says Gordon Munro

Do androids dream of electric sheep?


Colin Montgomery goes in search of Boris’s truth, which neatly explains his selfie right

The Leith Glutton

This is a brilliant kitchen...


An atrium has many functions but being a restaurant is not one that comes highly recommended

The Restless Ghosts of Leith


Connect with author John S Tantalon on twitter (below) and add to his hair raising collection


Johnson makes any Carry On film look like Citizen Kane by comparison


Johnson the great survivor then? You don’t need me to tell you that in the event of nuclear war, the great survivors will be cockroaches

Ever wondered who is on the wee boat clearing litter from The Water of Leith?


Water of Leith Conservation Trust has been carrying out litter clean-ups from Balerno to Leith since 1988

Winter Health & Fitness

The Storytellers
of the Future


Having stood down from the Festival Coordinator role, I wished to remain engaged with Edinburgh’s oldest festival

Tiny details
of long gone nights


Tom Wheeler on his peripatetic 2 years and counting relationship with live and streaming gigs

Medical cannabis
is a scam


This year Dr Daniel Poulter MP was appointed non-executive director of Kanab Group. A business that sells cannabis vaporisers

Douglas Sirk
& The Technicolour Age


Kennedy Wilson reckons we’re surrounded by colour but we don’t see it, time to put on the rose-tinted glasses

Short Story

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright


What happened next is a blur, but let’s say I grabbed a tin opener and walked round to where they were sitting

A Stravaig through time


Douglas Gordon on several voluntary community initiatives coming to fruition in Newhaven

Deidre Brock

Identifying the real villains


The young are holding everyone’s feet to the fire, myself included, on climate change and other issues

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