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Issue 142

Cover Story

Are we witnessing the end of
this (dis) United Kingdom?

Editor at Large

No 4 on the Planet


Time Out magazine has lately published its annual list of the Best 49 Neighbourhoods in the world.

The Detective of Light


Edinburgh is Bath’s great aunt, jewels hidden in drawers under dried rose petals, the scent of nostalgia and earth

We’re going back to the 70s!


Energy crisis? Empty shelves? Failing services? The 1970s have been unfairly compared to Brexit Britain avers Colin Montgomery

Autumn Health & Fitness

Reframing the Tram Works


If you run a local business thats struggling our local MSP, Ben Macpherson, reminds us there’s a Business Continuity Fund operated by Trams to Newhaven

In the time of Turnbull’s Tornadoes


He was an old school Jambo describing himself as 90% Jambo and 10% Hibee, rising to 20% every time we beat Rangers

Protempore ...

Timing and consequences aren’t a problem for the current UK Government


China will argue that at least they’re destroying the planet slowly while Aukus seem intent on bringing matters to a close as quickly as possible

‘This year saw an anniversary so auspicious I completely failed to notice it’...


Time moves rapidly, except when it doesn’t. People drift in and out of my life; a good few have drifted out of the world altogether

Deidre Brock

Brexit and the Internal Market Act


Scottish taxpayers will be paying twice – once for the health and social care system they actually use and again for a system they don’t

The smallest television show on earth


Lawrence Lettice on the remarkable success of the Talking Pictures channel

The Music of Longing


Kennedy Wilson examines music that has the power to produce strong emotions in the listener

Short Story

Goodbye like it was nothing


“It should have been you,” Ryan’s Mum had screamed into his face in the hospital, covered in his friend’s blood

Edinburgh’s Debts to Leith


“I like not fair terms, and a villain’s mind.”
Bassanio to Antonio, Merchant of Venice

The Leith Glutton

Walkabout in pizza land


Expecting this to be good we ordered simply, simplicity often being the best test of quality

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