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Issue 139

Cover Story
Editor at Large

Choux swans for F. Scott Fitzgerald

And here comes Nigel Slater who must have been about two years old at the time


The Future:
A Guide

Colin Montgomery offers some helpful tips on navigating what lies ahead

The No Recipe Man

I Was Monty’s double

Cricket balls served up by me have been deposited into the Water of Leith

The Leith Glutton

The world on your (paper) plate

For a midweek option, the Leith Glutton is tempted to wander up The Walk, but that’s a whole other Leither article

Walking Solo

Newhailes Estate

Those perilous walks along the verges of busy B roads, without a busy bee to be found

Protempore …

‘Official: Tories amongst the most despicable species to crawl the Earth’

Johnson and his John Bull cabinet are trying to convince the major players that we’re still a force to be reckoned with


Girls on Film

Kennedy Wilson remembers a legendary, and controversial, film from 1930s Weimar Republic

On the Loose

Leith - At the Centre of History

Queen Mary of Guise even moved her court to Leith and became, in effect, the de-facto capital of Scotland

Spring Health & Fitness

Fitness with Found Objects

Tree trunks, park benches, heavy bits of scrap metal, groceries. The most random things can be excellent fitness props


The Story of two Leith Distillers

A glimpse into the worlds of Port of Leith Distillery and Electric Drink Co


They Once Were Shipbuilders

R O Neish - writer of no less than seven volumes on Leith Docks and its many trades - on shipbuilding

Short Story

The Girls from Eldorado

She stood in her brother’s gym shoes in the small, dingy, toilet cubicle of The Eldorado


“Iconic portraits of Bowie…

Everyone had their favourite David Bowie photograph, even David Bowie, but more of that later, says Gordon Munro


A Leither for ever: J D Fergusson: Painter

J D Fergusson: Painter


The Cannabis Conundrum

The central question on the legality of cannabis is not if, but how it will be legalized says Dan Collins

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