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16 Greater Edinburgh Municipal Elections

Issue 138

Cover Story
Editor at Large

The Not Elizabeth David

Poverty rather than wealth gives the good things of life their true significance


Photographer, Model & Elephants

Is it the most famous fashion photograph of all time? Kennedy Wilson on a hugely influential fashion shoot


Reflections on a Nightmare

What a shitshow of a year. One so appalling that it’s worthy of some of the most nightmarish verses known to humanity, claims Colin Montgomery


Crowning Glory or Christmas Cash In?

Kennedy Wilson tunes in to that glitzy wow-fest of streaming and digital TV, The Crown; a pleasing and surprising ratings buster for Netflix

Ben Macpherson MSP

Taking Positives into 2021

During this period of economic difficulty, we must all be wary of right-wing populism seeking to whip people up against each other

Protempore ...

An isolated, insular group of small islands in the North Atlantic

An isolated, insular group of small islands in the North Atlantic


Altruistic Actions

Let Gordon Munro introduce you to Henry Reeve, an American citizen who fought in the Union
army, and, on hearing of Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain,
volunteered to help them win it

Short Story

Like the smallest of prayers

He somehow knew they wouldn’t be back. He could hear the whoosh of their wings against the wet night air as the cooing became distant

Autumn Health & Fitness

Writing a Book in Lockdown

Nature abhors a vacuum, it rushes in to fill the void: What to do when there’s nothing to do? That was the lockdown conundrum


Silenced by the Government

Have you ever broken the law? Asks Dan Collins. I bet you have


Fear, lies & fragile egos

In a first for The Leither magazine Sally Fraser reports from her bath where, rather unfortunately for her, Trump rears his ugly head

The No Recipe Man

A delicately handpicked phobia

…these would appear to be boom times for creativity in such fields as procurement, statistical analysis, legal advice and recollections of long car journeys

Deidre Brock MP

Brexit’s Dark Metamorphosis

Research scientists have proven their worth by showing us extraordinary things that can be achieved by skilled, determined people

Mrs MacPickle

Talentless Gobshites on Youtube

I feel like a terrible parent, but I just cannot stand listening to my children talk about boring things ...

Walking Solo

Dalmeny Estate

Eerie Hound Point Terminal,
where tankers
upload fuel refined
at Grangemouth

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