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Issue 137

Cover Story
Editor at Large

The Sounds of Silence

My granny dragged me round the Springburn pubs with a poker in one hand and me in the other


Talking about the quiet protest


The Dog Eating Homework Syndrome

A genuine apology is an endangered species these days yet there is much to apologise for, suggests Colin Montgomery

Deidre Brock

From Isotopes to High Hopes

The MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

Ben Macpherson

The Shadow of Brexit

The MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith


Let’s Get Quizzical

Mark Fleming on his experience as a contestant on the ITV quiz show The Chase

Protempore …

Seagulls the size of Shetland ponies

I wake up trying to scream and suppress a scream, sounding like a car alarm being suffocated


“Pottery. That most elemental of all art forms requires:”

I’ve never worked with anyone who had a piece of clay in their hands and didn’t make it into something

On the Loose

In the Shadow of Shame

Jamaica became a place to get rich quick before returning home to spend their blood money here finds Sandy Campbell

Food Review

This place opened before Leith became a foodie haven

The Leith Glutton on Restaurant Martin Wishart

Autumn Health & Fitness

A Philosophical Quandary

Autumn Health & Fitness by Tracy Griffen

Walking Solo

Octopus’s Garden by the Sea

Walking Solo with Carolyn McKerracher


Hitchcock and the film that never was

Kennedy Wilson examines Alfred Hitchcock's less well-known affection for a play set on a Scottish island

The No Recipe Man

Six things to do with water

Tom Wheeler on concentrating and diluting with all the skill and confidence of Ribena’s employee of the month

Katy Nixon’s

Karaoke Bill & The Flat Mate

Katy Nixon’s Short Story

Mrs MacPickle

Inconsistent, like Dominic Cummings

Mrs MacPickle solves
all your problems!


The Teardrop Explodes

Sally Fraser goes walking for a sourdough loaf and garlic sausage

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