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Leith based photographer, writer, gadgetboy - come web designer. California dreamin'; taking the long route via iLife. Check out my webshite for more badly written verse lacking in everything but punctuation!

Carolyn is semi-retired from the Leither due to other commitments, but we hope to soon coax her back into the fold.

A Francophile living in Leith, Louise once described Leith Walk as the Champs E- Leithy. When not supping a cheeky wee half of Addlestone's in her local, she likes nothing better than a glass of wine (French of course!) and a good book.

John Holmes – never known to frown on conviviality: a Porty boy at heart, but Leith is home now… unless he’s away on holiday… which is a lot.

An Englishwoman in Leith. Part time armchair activist and full time cynic, saving the world one Leither article at a time. Vikki wonders whether the Leither will let her change her status as often as they do on Facebook...

Pro tempore is a romantic dipsomaniac who should have been born in the 18th century. He contributes to the Leither due to outrageous gambling debts.

Carine is a razor edged uber poppet with a fondness for fantasy family trees, proper good old-fashioned veiled fascinators and brown food. Just don’t call her a foodie.

Tracy loves to exercise. In fact, she can’t sit still! Her friends call her hyperactive, but this is a good thing in her job as a Personal Trainer. She only sits still to eat and write... and sleep.

Carrie is our resident single girl, reporting on the trials and tribulations of living (and very occasionally loving) in the capital city.

David enjoys welcoming bees into his bonnet. Seeks long walks and meaningful discussions with irate Leithiopians. Hobbies: pointing and shouting. Ambition: to submit an article on time one day.

Leopold Simpson II, Distant cousin of Falklands war hero and Formula 1 star Big Frank Simpson, is our regular cricket and 'lifestyle' columnist. His hobbies: Hobbies and pastimes.

A motley crew of reprobates and ne'er-do-wells who, somewhat rashly, nailed their colours to the Leither mast.

... a legend in his own Larder.

Thatcher hating, Tony Blair despairing, Easter Road Season ticket holding, Ocean terminal berating Chelsea fan, who has got to know far too many pub landlords in Leith over the past 25 years...

Born and raised in a conurbation. Bullied imaginatively at prep. Went on to attain first class honours in Buffoonery and Balloonery. Now keen on drink.

Gordon previously wrote on walls under the moniker 'Vambo rools'. Now a grown up, he uses his own name.

An American in Newhaven, loving Leith and connecting with local people online.

Michael Pedersen is a writer; rabble-rouser; poetic-trumpeteer; and arts events acrobat - who comes in the form of a flurry haired mancub!

Half man half bourbon cream who enjoys dancing about architecture but wouldn’t know his Eugen Sacharias from his Toyo Ito. And he can’t dance either.

Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival; international friend of The Leither.

A journey into the beautiful world of wholefoods and happy living...