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9,000 copies of the magazine are distributed to the following locations: Leith area (EH6), Easter Road, Lochend and Abbeyhill, Trinity and Newhaven, Broughton and Canonmills, Portobello, Stockbridge, Davidson Mains, Joppa and various city centre outlets.


Leith is also home to the oldest boxing club in Scotland, Leith Victoria boxing club established in 1919, is now just near the Links. Gordon Munro wrote about this in issue 129. 

Distributed by the Editorial team themselves, (nice to, ahem, meet the readers), the magazines are delivered twice monthly to over 130 businesses, including…

Ocean Terminal, National Library and local libraries, community centres, local surgeries, newsagents and post offices, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, art galleries, cinemas and many other local businesses and shops.

The magazine and our readers

With more than 45,000 readers in Leith and Edinburgh, The Leither will reach your potential customers. 

Established in 2004, The Leither is a free magazine every six weeks with a loyal and steadily increasing readership. The diverse content of our quality magazine attracts all walks of life.

A typical issue will include local news and events, politics, satire, cultural reviews, restaurant reviews, recipes, healthy living tips, animals of the world in danger and occasionally cricket. 

We are read by a diverse demographic from business people to students, from families to shoppers, from cultured types to sporty types. Our website reaches thousands more…

Bringing a whole new audience to The Leither and our advertisers, the website was revamped in 2011. Visitors to the site average 5,000 per month, with about 60% new visitors.

We also have over 10,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and growing. Every edition of The Leither can be read online from our homepage and promoted through Facebook and Twitter, so your advert will achieve twice the exposure. 

Our website and social media presence is continuing to evolve, providing great potential for new advertising opportunities. 

Contact details

Advertising: Sue Glancy
07772 059 516

Editorial: Billy Gould
07891 560 338

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