Advertising with us couldn’t be simpler! We have several cost effective packages available that can be tailored to suit your business. With approximately 40,000 readers in Leith and beyond, The Leither will reach your potential customers.

Established in 2004, The Leither is a free monthly magazine with a loyal and steadily increasing readership. We are read by a diverse demographic from business people to students, from families to shoppers, from cultured types to sporty types. Our website reaches thousands more.

Download our press pack where you'll find our current advertising rates for the magazine and below are details of online advertising opportunities. To find out more and be added to our mailing list, please contact Sue
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Circulation & Distribution

9,000 copies of the magazine are published the 1st week of every month and distributed to the following locations: Leith area (EH6), St James Centre, Easter Road, Lochend and Abbeyhill, Trinity and Newhaven, Broughton and Canonmills, Portobello, Stockbridge and various city centre outlets.

Distributed by the Editorial team themselves, the magazines are delivered twice monthly to over 130 businesses, including Ocean Terminal, National Library and local libraries, community centres, local surgeries, newsagents and post offices, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, art galleries, cinemas and many other local businesses and shops.

These days, statistics show that people are more engaged with local media than ever. In a constantly evolving landscape, you have to target and connect with users, put yourself in their position, and understand what they care about. With all that in mind, we now provide a unique opportunity to connect with our readers in the most targeted and captivating way.

Effective Targeting

Effectively advertising a local business online is near impossible with the kind of websites that people actually use today. Is the corner-shop about to sign up for a Facebook Page? Are they to keep the world abreast through daily Tweets "Two pints of #whole milk delievered"? Do they want to deal with Search Engine Optimisation and all that nonsense?
No, that's ridiculous.

A Dynamic Local Website

By dynamic we mean constantly evolving and updated daily. Leith, dare we say, is one helluva audience. And our audience are more than just page turners, they are interested in what we say because they contribute articles, write blogs – under The Leither banner – they help shape the website's character. Just read their blogs.

Pushdown Ad

The pushdown ad unit automatically expands downward pushing the site content down with it, expanding creative opportunities and capturing audience attention... View Example ›

Skin Ad

The skin ad is a take-over of the entire site, we brand the background with your colours and slogan, the whole background functions as a link to your website... View Example ›

Some Statistics

* statistics for and collected by, we use Google Analytics and Mint to calculate our numbers

Ad Placement

Online adverts run from the first day of the month to the last – this will have the added bonus of your advert being exposed to two readerships as every new Leither issue makes its way to distribution.

As the options show, adverts are placed directly on the Homepage (Pushdown Ad appears in a box just below the navigation, Skin spans the entire background). Your banner will appear on every individual article page and every archived page (that’s over 500+ placements per month!). Your ad will not be lost under the competition here.


You can direct all online advertising queries to Callum who will endeavour to get back in touch within 2-3 working days. For advertising and sponsorship in the print version of The Leither you can contact Sue.