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As I’m writing this, we’re now three short weeks away from the date on which we’re due to leave the European Union. As things stand, it looks as though a no-deal Brexit is the most likely outcome.      

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This is because we have a Prime Minister who is quite possibly the most irresponsible, mendacious and pathetic individual ever to hold that office. Currently, he’s trying to fend off stories that he had a “relationship” with an American bimbo, part of which involved him giving public money to her when he was Mayor of London. 



Apparently, the money was to help her with the tech business she was trying to start up. Given the fact that she was also an amateur “pole dancer” and our Prime Minister visited her home a dozen times or so, it seems likely that Johnson was involved in a “cash for shags” scandal. Just the man, then, to be negotiating the future of the country as it spirals towards a massive national crisis.

He’s also been taken hostage by a bug-eyed sociopath called Dominic Cummings whose ambitions are to shaft MPs and people who voted to remain in the EU, shaft the Labour Party, shaft the Brexit Party, and shaft the EU, using whatever means necessary, even if it entails chaos and destruction. With all that shafting going on, it’s not difficult to see why Johnson has had the swiftest onset of Stockholm syndrome in history. 

He’s fallen in love with a psychopath who is willing to shaft anyone and everyone to get his way. They could be twins. And if you think that talk of chaos and destruction is just another bout of Project Fear, read on.

The Scottish Government recently published a document outlining an overview of its no deal Brexit preparations and it doesn’t make for light reading. What follows is just a tiny snapshot of the shitshow that will ensue should we crash out of the EU on 31 October.

There will be significant disruption and delays at borders which will affect the transportation of foods and vital medicines coming from abroad. Scotland’s ability to export foodstuffs and drinks like whisky, which are a mainstay of our economy, will be “severely impacted”. Tariffs will be placed on food such as lamb, potatoes, and shellfish. Whisky will also be hit. Food and drink exports are four times more important to the Scottish economy than they are in England to the English economy, and many rural and remote communities in Scotland are reliant on the industry. 

The industry itself has estimated that the potential disruption of no deal could result in the loss of up to £2 billion in sales. 

There will be significant impacts on our NHS and social care system as a result of no deal. Huge numbers of medicines and medical hardware are imported from the EU – no deal will mean that supply of these life-saving items will be substantially disrupted. In short, although the Scottish Government has not stated it explicitly, people could die as a result of no deal.

And what about the impact on people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable? 

Of course, no deal would impact on everyone, reducing their opportunities in work, travel, study and damaging their financial resilience. But there’s no doubt that it would particularly affect a wide range of vulnerable communities. Increases in prices and reduced availability of some goods are likely to impact low income households who are already struggling because of a decade of Tory austerity. 

Families with children, disabled people, older people and those with less secure employment status are also likely to find costs of living more challenging. At the same time, the negative economic impacts of no deal are likely to increase the numbers in poverty, and those increases could be considerable: this then increases demand on essential public services which will struggle to cope.

There will also be significant impacts to freedom of movement. Scotland depends on people coming here from all over the EU and indeed, could do with more. They work in our food and hospitality sector, in our hospitals, in schools and in our education system to name a few. These sectors will struggle to survive if no deal is the outcome.    

All of this doesn’t seem to concern our Prime Minister who has said that he’d rather die in a ditch than countenance any delay to our exit from the EU. 

Given the catastrophe of no deal, there must be millions of people like me who would happily dig that ditch and throw him and his sociopathic chum Cummings into it.


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