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Mrs MacPickle Solves All Your Problems!

Dear Mrs MacPickle,

I have a colleague who seems to believe she is my boss, even though she clearly isn’t. My actual boss does not do anything to stop her bossing me around, in fact he seems quite happy to let her boss him around too, which makes matters worse. I like to think of myself as a very touchy-feely non-hierarchical lefty type, I mean, I put the same prizes in all the layers of my kids pass the parcel in the middle for goodness sake, and I only buy the stations and the waterworks in Monopoly. I am by no means cutthroat. But this is doing my nut in. What can I do? 



Yours Anon.

Oh Dear,

I am sorry to have to say this, but the answer is: not a great deal. Reacting to this will make it look like you are the one with the problem. These power-mad types thrive on conflict, and it sounds like your boss is only interested in an easy ride. Think about how much you need or like your job, and if you are prepared to move on. All work places have their share of difficult characters, it’s just a case of seeing if they are balanced out on the whole by other nice colleagues, good biscuit selection, high salary etc. 

If you decide to tough it out then I really recommend you try and do as little work as possible. If your actual boss is so laissez-faire that he is letting this monster run riot then you may as well take advantage by being as lazy as you can, and you will find her behaviour much easier to bare if you are nice and relaxed from spending a good couple of hours a day listening to Fleetwood Mac and shopping online for bras at Marks & Spencer. n

Mrs MacPickle

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