Dapper Dan, Good for Nothing & Leith Festivals

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This is my Jimmy Carse moment; there will be many others typically combining his unique blend of boldness, craftiness and outright audacity.

I was idling down The Walk of an evening when I heard a shout coming from the direction of the Alhambra Bar. “Here, Good for Nothing, what are you up to.” It was Jimmy and, in keeping with his nickname for me, I answered, “nothing, why?”

“Fancy going to Malta? The room, flight and everything else is paid for, you just have to pay for the name change on the ticket.” (Generous too.)


“Four o’clock tomorrow morning.” Which was a scant eight hours away. “Aye, well, mmm… Okay!”

Twenty-four hours later, we had joined a private Maltese fishing club whose chef took me into his kitchen to pick some fish for the barbecue and asked me if I would cook it “a Scottish way.” 

We met two girls both of whom were PAs for Sir Philip Green, who regaled us with much scurrilous (and unrepeatable) gossip until 4am. 

That was Jimmy, night clubs every night in his ‘Dapper Dan’ mode – with his little sayings as we entered: “The skies are blue”(while rubbing his hands together) and, “remember, there are radges and there is us.” He was 74 at the time and already ill. 

The holiday careered on like that: Dapper Dan and Good for Nothing. Chalk and Cheese but good chalk, and good cheese.

As was once said of that other Jack the Lad, Shane Warne. 

Jimmy Carse could have “smuggled the sunrise past a rooster.” 

“Permitte divis cetera James,” I would always say to him. 

And he would ask. “Whit the hell dis that mean again in mah language?” 

It means leave it to the gods, Jimmy. 

Leave it to the gods.

Leith’s festival season  

(AKA the month of June) is almost upon us, with both Leith Festival and Leith Jazz and Blues Festival returning again this year. LeithLate are partnering with Leith Festival on the LeithLate19 Weekend. In what The Leither views as a perfect match up, they will curate a jam-packed two days with a host of activities taking place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June in and around Leith Links. 

Saturday sees them collaborating with The Skinny to bring you a great line-up of female-fronted acts on Leith Gala Day’s Main Stage, compered by Roberta Pia of The Banana Sessions – whilst you’re at the Links, be sure to check out their ‘creative ideas’ stalls!

Over at Quality Yard, it’s Caps Aff with an all-female graffiti jam, creative activities and open day to check out the artists’ studios and neighbouring Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club. 

On Saturday evening, get your tickets for their intimate gig Alright Hen? at The Happiness Hotel which is co-curated with riot-grrrl Lou Mclean, featuring an all-female line-up including Girls Rock School, Annie Booth & The Countess of Fife. 

Finally (phew!!!), party into the wee small hours with YAS QUEEN club night at Leith Fab Cricket Club with beats from the all-female DJ collective MISS WORLD.

I was idling down The Walk of an evening when I heard a shout coming from the Alhambra Bar

On Sunday, if you are fit for purpose, LeithLate are resurrecting their popular Mural Tours. Cameron Foster takes you on a guided walking tour of Leith’s best street art ranging from historical murals to contemporary art works. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet some of the artists involved. Details at: leithlate.co.uk

Leith Jazz and Blues Festival usually brings wonderful weather and a diverse crowd from all over for their regular stint (50 bands in 20 venues, all free) over 7th, 8th and 9th of June.

Considering the number of acts over the three days, the quality is amazingly high. More inside and at: www.leithjazz.com

Leith Festival itself is all about the Leith community, eight days of events from 8th to 16th June 2019, organised for and by the people of Leith. Offering opportunities for professional and amateur groups alike to be involved in theatre, music, arts, history, song, in fact anything within their local community! Look out for the stuff at my local, Leith Dockers Club. More inside from Tracy and Sandy on this and at: leithfestival.com. ν

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