A 3.4km swim, 202km cycle & 42km run

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I recently got the opportunity to try an unusual type of mind/body health practice called the Wim Hof Method on a sunny Saturday morning at Threipmuir reservoir.



If you’re not familiar with it, it involves a meditative breathing practice that includes belly breathing, breath holds and cold-water exposure, to induce an alkaline state in the body as well as up regulating your immune system and emotional state.

I can honestly say I had a profound experience emotionally and physically and it is definitely a great method to improve mood and physical wellbeing.

Working in health and fitness you get extremely good at learning methods to change the body physically but increasingly I am more and more convinced that it is just one piece of a larger picture.

This includes:

Functional Strength

Cardiovascular Health

Nutritional Health

Self Love

Absence of Stress

Connection and purpose

I enthusiastically recommend that people find ways, no matter what they are, to further these aspects of their lives. We have the ability, collectively, to improve the health and mental happiness of each and every one of us through the way we live, breath, eat, sleep and move, supported of course by good science and modern medicine where required.

If you are in need of change or feel ready to take your wellbeing further I urge you to go out and have then ask yourself an honest question:

“How do I feel now?”

No matter what your chosen pursuit is, find what resonates with your perspective so you can enjoy the gifts of movement, health and adventure.

Whilst I am definitely an advocate of personal accountability with regards to health there are certainly occasions when you need expert help and we are very lucky to have access to world-class experts here in Edinburgh.  

Here is my story…

A year ago I temporarily lost my ability to walk and at the same time nearly lost my 4-month-old baby son, Tristan.

While preparing for a Mixed Martial Arts bout I completely severed the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee and required surgical reconstruction. This left me incredibly sore and unable to walk unaided for several weeks.

During that time our beautiful baby boy was at risk of losing his life – every parent’s worst nightmare. He developed a rare bowl condition called intussusception, which meant he was in a potentially life threatening situation.

No matter what your chosen pursuit is, find what resonates with your perspective so you can enjoy the gifts of movement, health and adventure

Beyond all measures of fortune and luck we, in Edinburgh, are blessed with a world-class specialist Paediatric Facility in the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital. The incredible emergency team identified his condition quickly and they set to work to try and fix his issue straight away.

When non-invasive means would not suffice he was handed over to the Paediatric Surgical Unit. This team of everyday heroes used their incredible skill and precision to fix his condition through keyhole surgery, leaving his little body with hardly a trace that he had ever been there at all.

The comfort that was bestowed on us, the care and empathy and understanding that was given, the reassurance and trust we had in the expertise and skill of the team – all made this most traumatic time a lot less scary and a little more bearable. Some are not as lucky.

The surgical team rely heavily on donations and many of the lifesaving pieces of equipment they use have been purchased through the support of donations of kind individuals like you.

As a testament to their super hero abilities I am challenging myself to once again take on the greatest challenge I have ever faced, the Celtman Extreme Triathlon. It is an Iron Man-like distance triathlon with a 3.4 km sea swim, a 202 km hard hilly cycle and a 42 km trail run over (if you’re lucky) 2 Munro peaks. The beauty of the scenery is only surpassed by the brutality of the course – a long day out indeed.

It is my intention through this physical challenge to bring attention and much needed support to assist the on going efforts of these incredible individuals. They are true heroes, full of compassion and love and a level of expertise and skill that I will forever be indebted to.

If you would like to support my efforts and this great cause please search for ‘Everyday Hero Punk Fitness’ and follow my journey. All donations are warmly appreciated, no matter how small.

Rob Quarm

Just answer this Question: What is the name of his sporting charity event?

Info: Rob’s Charity page: teamechc.everydayhero.com/uk/robs-punk-fitness

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