The Fleabag & Hot Priest conundrum

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Dear Mrs MacPickle,

I have developed a bit of a fixation with the hot priest from Fleabag. As a feminist, and a freethinking, liberal, agnostic woman of the world, I am a little bit alarmed that I can no longer concentrate on anything without half my brain being taken up by fantasising about being ravished in the confessional. The other day I called the bus driver “father”, and I felt myself getting a little hot under the collar at the mere sound of Songs of Praise on Sunday. What should I do? Should I start going to church?



Yours shamefully in lust,

Jo Novark.

My dear Ms Novark

I fear if you head to church hoping to be ravished in the confessional you are going to be very sadly disappointed, so please don’t do that. You may not find a Quaker meeting as erotic as fleabag does either but you could always give it a try I suppose.

I have a thing for that awful sexist rapper who goes by the name of Pitbull 

Seriously though I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. The clue is in the name: Hot Priest, you are supposed to fancy him. And the whole ‘father’ is surely supposed to be kinky in a slightly unhealthy sort of a way. And as for your feminist credentials, we all have our blind spots. I like to think I am as feminist and progressive as they come but I have a thing for that awful sexist rapper who goes by the name of Pitbull. Deliciously complex beings that we are, we can’t crusade all the time.

Mrs MacPickle

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