An honest appraisal & a clear plan

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I’m lucky in that I’ve always had health and fitness in my life, however I can honestly say that my perspective, experience and even participation has changed many times.

What really got me started in competition and coaching was a particularly inspiring teacher who ran our athletics club and had me hooked when she told me I had talent and potential. That empowerment, even at 12 years old, was a major driver and by 15 I was still training and competing in cross country whilst also coaching and running fitness sessions. In my professional work I have tried to share this type of motivation by offering insight and praise as well as simple practical instruction.


Throughout my 20 year coaching career I have had the pleasure to work with many different types of people striving for any number of goals. Whether it be entry to the emergency or armed services or starting exercise for the first time in their retirement it all starts the same; an honest appraisal of the starting point and a clear plan towards an agreed goal.

In my own journey I have embarked on many epic endurance challenges, mostly in Triathlon, including being a four-time finisher of the epic Scottish Extreme Triathlon, The Celtman, as well as winning two Cage Fight MMA bouts. Additionally I served as a retained fire fighter in my spare time and even supported the fire service in their health and fitness assessments and fitness coaching.

Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders has been my home for most of my adult life and I have a long connection with Leith – even working part time for The Editor when he had The Compass! It’s a vibrant and special part of the world and I jumped at the opportunity to return with my own Punk Fitness venture at the innovative and forward thinking Elysium Gym on Duke Street, where I run my business. 

The reward for me is making a difference to peoples lives by listening to their story and helping them overcome obstacles and go beyond their own expectations. People think the gym environment is an ego driven, showboating culture, in actual fact you have to be very humble, selfless and kind and meet your clients at their current level, bit by bit giving them the tools to grow.

If you have an idea and a small amount of belief, come and find out how to make it a reality through fun, friendly, functional fitness.

If any Leither readers have a personal goal or project that they need help to see to fruition I would like to offer them a free consultation and trial session so they can share their story and I can share some knowledge.  

Additionally I encourage everyone to follow my journey on my fifth Ironman triathlon this year as I am supporting the Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital who, through their world-class treatment, saved my baby’s life.

Info:  rob.quarm

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