Brexit & the novelty Millennium Bug knickers

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Mrs MacPickle Solves All Your Problems!

Dear Mrs MacPickle,

What is the correct level of existential despair we should be feeling in the current political climate?


Asking for a friend

Dear ‘Asking for a friend’, 

Well now, this is the question on all of our lips and minds isn’t it? We are all swithering between whether to quietly sob into our boxes of Ferrero Roche while we await a life of the Obligatory Turnip Diet, or to rush about stock piling insulin and sundried tomatoes. 

On some level, those of us who are old enough are hoping that Brexit is going to be like The Millennium Bug. Namely, something we were all completely terrified of for ages but was all completely fine in the end. (I even had some novelty Millennium Bug knickers.) 

Realistically, this is not going to blow over at all and there is no way I am going to be wearing Brexit Briefs in a couple of years time in a comically ironic way.

My advice would be thus, be as kind and nice as you possibly can. Things are very bleak right now and they are probably going to get far worse.

All we can do is make our little corners of the world as friendly as we possibly can.

Mrs MacPickle


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