Mrs MacPickle: “Have I never been out of it or never been in it?”

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Dear Mrs MacPickle,

I am concerned that I might be lacking passion. Every time I turn on the television, or pick up a paper, or read a book, there are all these people talking about how passionate they are about, seemingly, everything. And they are all pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. I am not aware of even having comfort zones. Does that mean I have never been out of it or never been in it? Nor do I have a bucket list – I was just hoping to live a bit longer with or without swimming with dolphins. What’s wrong with me? Am I destined to be a disappointing failure for the rest of my life?



Yours listlessly,

Noam Bishon

Oh dear Mr Bishon, 

It sounds like you are suffering from a dangerous case of being an ordinary human being rather than an Apprentice contestant. While in this day and age it may leave you with a nagging fear of being Voted Out, it’s probably quite healthy, and indeed I myself have a tendency to veer towards Not Giving That Much of A Shit. My only bucket list item would be to have lesbian sex, but even that would probably be a bit too energetic or involve slightly nicer undies than I usually run too so I will probably just stick with an over all goal of Making More Time For Jigsaws.

The comfort zone is a great place to be Noam, embrace it! And Passion is usually best in its quiet slow burning varieties rather than gaudy X Factor style fireworks. We boring folk know that deep down. And maybe, if we stay in the competition long enough, other people will start to realise that too.  n

Mrs MacPickle

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