Empowering Leith Women’s Day!

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Empowering Women during Leith Women’s Day!

You may remember that 2018 saw the array of commemoration and celebratory events reflecting the Centenary of the Woman’s Suffragette Movement in the UK International Women’s Day – Leith hope to continue acknowledging those Scottish Suffragettes and other incredible Scottish Women through an Interactive talk come exhibition at their 4thYear Event at South Leith Parish Church Hall from 11am – 4pm on Friday 8thMarch.



Chairwoman Carol Watson, a 4thGeneration Leither and her Vice Chairwoman, Nicola Haynes, another Leither, wanted to make this event more poignant and memorable, not only as a way to unite women from all cultural backgrounds in the community as they have in the past 3 years through the arts and through the wellbeing fair but also through deepening the connections with the story of our past female forebears through a beautiful gratitude ritual and talk.

The Opening Speaker will be Swedish born, Anna Lagerqvist Christoperson, a supporter of IWD Leith over the years and a pro-active Publican.  Anna runs eight bars in Leith and uptown, establishing her first one in 2005. She has a passion for creating meeting places for people to meet and turn ideas into reality. Boda, Sofi’s, Victoria, Joseph Pearce’s, Hemma, Akva and recently Harry’s Bars have been added to Anna and her husband’s amazing portfolio in 2018.

Come and listen to her talk about her love of Leith and future vision and passion for helping our environment.  Listen to how Martina Cannon-Ball, a Leith Singer Songwriter, broke into the male dominated Edinburgh music scene six years ago and hear her female-empowering songs to uplift the spirits, during the day’s entertainment programme. Martina launched her album Freedomin February 2018 and it will be available for sale on the day.

Our favourite Irish dance teacher Jennifer Jamieson will be performing with her award winning Irish Dance Troupe along with Mary Phelan’s Award winning Scottish Highland Dancers.  The very popular Complementary Health Fair will be available as it is every year, where you can book in for a 30 minute taster session with one of the fantastic professional Therapists during the day. Book early to avoid disappointment. Therapies to try include Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and the new Leith created MA=RaY Light energy healing treatment, founded by Chairwoman Carol Watson. Listen to short talks on the incredible benefits of these treatments in the morning before the day’s event programme kicks off. The Café is open for coffee’s and lunches and the entrance for the day event is free however, you are asked to pop a couple of gold coins in the cup for Mary’s Meals Scottish Charity, IWD – Leith have taken this charity on to support. There will also be a raffle for Mary’s Meal’s with some fantastic prizes donated by local establishments.

This event has been made possible through a financial gift to our organisation from Leith Benevolent Association. They have helped us every year, are our main sponsor for this year, and we are eternally grateful to them. They have helped groups such as Citadel Youth Centre and Sikh Sanjog among many other local groups and Charities over the thirteen years they’ve been in operation.

So do put us in your diary and calendar and plan a day with of fantastic sociability through chat, music, dance, talks, exhibitions, food and the raffle. Also enjoy a beautiful therapy to refresh the soul! See you at 11am on 9th March. Bring a friend.


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