Clothed Man Nude Man

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In a first for Paris,the galerie Éric Hussenot will be putting on an exhibition of the works of US painter Nolan Hendrickson, entitled CMNM (Clothed Man Nude Man).

In this collection of about 20 paintings and ink drawings, the artist depicts a world of sadness populated by half-naked bodies, faces jumbled together in a captivating, fascinating mise en scène.

The characters inhabiting his works are heavily stylized and abstract. As their figures intertwine and overlap, they create patterns that sometimes seem to melt into their own shadow in a celebration of the human body and an at times almost electrifying sexuality.

Nolan portrays the emotional ambiguity that is an intrinsic part of human relationships with pinpoint accuracy and tremendous sensitivity.

Nolan Hendrickson recently exhibited a number of his works at the Ramiken Crucible gallery; New York and Venus LA; not to mention presenting a solo show at Art Basel 2017. This exhibition at the galerie Éric Hussenot represents the first time his work has ever been on show in France.

(Opening night) 8 September 6-8:30pm to 27 October

At Galerie Éric Hussenot,

5 bis rue des Haudriettes

75 0003 Paris.

Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am – 19.00pm


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  1. Mr Domain says:

    I have just visited galerie Éric Hussenot website and I saw some pictures. Personally these pictures are very boring..

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