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And there we have it. Theresa May’s Brexit cabinet of many colours is finally starting to unravel. Reassuringly, one of the most incompetent members of the self- serving cabal that has been impersonating a Government for the last two years has become the first to fall on his red box. David Davis, a man blessed with all the negotiating nous of Eeyore, has decided that the recent collective cabinet decision made at Chequers to prop up May’s crumbling Government doesn’t fit with his idea of what Brexit should look like. In all honestly, I would be really surprised if he’s the last Minister to chuck it.

The only reason Boris Johnston is hanging on in there for now is because he is nauseatingly desperate to become Prime Minister at some stage – the thought of him not being able to emulate his eternal nemesis David Cameron keeps him awake at night (breaking news, he has just resigned – Ed). And anyone who thinks that he has succumbed to collective cabinet responsibility in the interests of the country is as deluded as he is. Boris only does what he thinks will be in the best interests of Boris. However, if he throws his toys out of the pram now and provokes a leadership contest, the rank and file of the Tory party will undoubtedly fall in behind May no matter who else throws their top hat into the ring. Better for Boris to sit tight in a strop and hope that May’s plans fall apart before the end of the year.


For all the other hard-line Brexiteers, they will be hoping that the EU either rejects the offer of May’s most recent fudge, or asks for further concessions to the UK position at which point the prospect of no deal becomes frighteningly possible. Then and only then, will the real Eurosceptic sharks like Michael Gove and Liam Fox smell blood and move in for the kill. They know that to break ranks now would not be in their best interests so their only hope is that the next round of negotiations scheduled for October fail and they can then blame (a) the EU for not playing ball (and that’s how any failure will be spun); and (b) May for being so foolish as to believe that her fudge was going to be palatable to the rest of the EU in the first place.

So, what has upset Donkey Davis so much?

Well, without getting too technical, May’s latest wheeze is that the UK will maintain a ‘common rule book’ for all goods with the EU, including agricultural products, after Brexit. There will be a ‘facilitated customs arrangement’ where the borders between the UK and the EU will be treated as a ‘combined customs territory’ and there will be an end to the free movement of people to be replaced by ‘a mobility framework’ to allow UK and EU citizens to travel to each other’s territories to work and study. At the time of writing, the precise detail of these arrangements is still to be announced, but all of this is pure anathema to the hardcore Brexiteers who feel that itties the UK to the EU far more closely than they envisaged following the referendum to leave the EU in 2016. All you need to know is that Nigel Farage congratulated Mr Davis for resigning and accused May of being “duplicitous.”

The Labour party has already dismissed the plans stating that they amount to nothing more than “an unworkable, bureaucratic nightmare”, and “a fudge” and that they will not support them when they come to Parliament.

The SNP favours Scotland remaining in the single market and the customs union and stated that while the most recent plans were a step in the right direction, they did not go far enough to protect Scotland from the damage of Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon declared that the Government’s movement on these two fronts meant that it was “game on” for those wishing to stay completely in the single market and the customs union. The SNP also favour giving people in Scotland a vote on any final Brexit deal.

If people in Scotland vote against the final deal will that trigger another vote on independence? Of course, it will and so it should because Scotland’s voice throughout this whole sorry debacle has been wilfully ignored by a Government that puts self-preservation above the interests of its citizens.

(And if you really want to know what Scotland’s voice sounds like, go on to YouTube and type in “Gerry Cinnamon TRNSMT 2018 Full Set”. Seriously, Scotland’s future can be bright and that future is Cinnamon).



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