MooFree May Day!

Posted by to The Blog on May 10th

Vegans ask the people of Edinburgh to ditch dairy in ‘MooFree May’

May 19 2018 11am – 2pm

As part of vegan charity Viva!’s Scary Dairy campaign, this May they are organsing a nationwide initiative called ‘MooFree May’ – which focuses on encouraging the public to ditch dairy and try delicious dairy-free alternatives.

On Saturday 19 May they will be holding an event at 117 Princes St, Edinburgh where they’ll offer the public delicious samples of dairy-free products and distribute a range of dairy-free information including free recipes booklets, health and nutrition information and dairy-free mini guides. This event is the fourth in their series of fun events across five major UK cities having already visited London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Accompanied by a giant inflatable cow, Viva! will show the public how delicious a dairy-free diet can be, and urge them to take Viva!’s dairy-free pledge.

The events dates are: 

Edinburgh – 19 May

Glasgow – 19 May

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