The Men Behind the Silver Door

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I was sitting in my office (The Alan Breck Bar) last night writing this when Fiona and Colin came in, as Colin was a young Leither at the time I asked him if he had any memories of Fini Tribe – a band who had made Leith their base in the mid 1980s.

“We were fascinated by this old shop along from The Dirty Windaes Bar that had suddenly had its façade and windows painted silver. So we would hang about outside out of curiosity. One day a couple of guys came out and asked if we wanted to see inside…it turned out to be this amazing recording studio and they turned out to be Fini Tribe. They were really patient with us and so well thought of among local kids that we never graffitied the silver façade or smashed the windows.”


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Colin then texted another Colin – there are loads of Colin’s in this gang. He replied: ‘First time I was aware of their sound was on that iconic Balearic Beat album – the one with all the eyes on the cover –they had a track De Testimony on that which was absolutely massive’.

In the ongoing texts storm Fiona’s brother offers: ‘Fuck, that’s a brilliant blast from the past’! Not anymore. Fini Tribe/Finitribe returned to the beat in 2016 with some blistering live shows. And now as Finiflex (keep up) they have released their first new material since the late 90s: Ta Ta Oo Ha (Finiflex Records) is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album Suilven – more on this next time.

Ta Ta Oo Ha is a thing of floating wonder, gossamer thin and very lovely…almost wistful. For the techno/electronica purist 4 alternative mixes are included. One in particular is a dance floor magnet, taking as it does, a darker, heavier approach (all mixes are on YouTube/Finiflex). I asked the boys to write something of what their years in the business has taught them…

John Vick: Music Producer and owner of Finiflex Studios

Good, Better, Best – There is no room for ‘that’ll do’.Sign off is the full stop in my world . . . Delivering the best I can is so important to me . . . It means confidence, it means conclusion, it means yes . . .

Sailing rudderless brings an abundance of new discoveries but applying the compass brings new realms of pleasure. In this world of electronics and creativity and in all my tasks as an engineer and producer, I come across so many fantastic technological capabilities . . . Once applied with a little logic, maths and physics, these logged and stored learnings become music.

The dawn mind, is an awakening mind. Working with an awakening mind takes the edge off hard logic . . . Firing up at 5 (the system) . . . Singing at 6 (with Davie) . . . Scissors at 7 (we ain’t that good!!) . . . Magical mistakes make music magical . . . Not just a good way to start a day . . . But the best way!! . . .

DJ Davie Miller

Never leave music or your creativity behind 

For many years I was not involved in any music nor was I active in anything creative at all. This was a huge mistake and left me with a giant hole in my soul. Once you have the ‘bug’ it never leaves you, if you ignore it will  start to eat away at you and leaves you numb. Finding that space again and working in Leith with John felt like coming home in many ways. It is quite a privilege to be able to do what we are doing now in making a record and playing live shows. It is a joy.

Growing older 

I have suffered from anxiety all my life . I didn’t realise it was anxiety until about 6 or 7 years ago. I thought it was normal. At times it is crippling but I’m beginning to work on it , take it on , be mindful. I fell less anxious as I get older and feel more comfortable with where I am and to not care so much if I fail . Failing is an important part of life not something you should be ashamed of.  The less I worry the more I live.


I discovered hill walking maybe 10 years ago . I cannot stop until I reach the top of a hill or a Munro. I go climbing with my brother, it is our time together, a time and place to discuss all and sundry  It has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world to reach the summit even if it is shrouding in cloud. I find a real sense of peace at the top of hill.  Suilven next ?

Info: More at facebook:finiflex and

Picture: Janica Honey

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