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Sitting in the Commercial Quay area of Leith is one of the latest restaurants to join Edinburgh’s eating out scene. Chef patron Bryan and pastry chef son Jack are at the helm in the kitchen of the Black Pig & Oyster with Bryan’s wife Michelle and daughter Yasmine leading the front of house team.

Bryan explains that the family have opened nine establishments over 20 years, including in Spain and Portugal, hence the menu at the restaurant is heavily influenced by Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Taking particular pride of place on the menu are various cuts and charcuterie featuring Iberian Black Pig.


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Having first tasted Iberian Black Pig ten years ago whilst living in Portugal Bryan’s first thought was to get it on the menu and it has been a top seller in all his restaurants since including their sister restaurant over the Forth in Fife. “It’s one of the few breeds of pigs that lives in freedom, feeding on acorns and grass (one pig per 20,000 square metres) in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. They have a lifespan of 18 months as opposed to 9 months for the white pig which goes a long way to explaining the texture and quality of the meat.”

 If you haven’t tried Iberian Black Pig, Bryan strongly recommends that you do so while it is affordable. “A few years ago nobody knew much about them now exports to France and China are increasing rapidly. It could end up as one of the most expensive meats in the world.”

The restaurant and bar premises are within an old bonded warehouse and this particular space is unique to the other restaurants in that it has maintained its original characterful brick bonded warehouse look.

 They have very quickly built up a loyal following in Leith for their modern take on authentic tapas. But, as Bryan explains, “We are also working on menus that include Scottish style tapas using the best of local produce so that locals and visitors alike can sample traditional and native produce with a different twist.”

 It had been a long held ambition to open a restaurant in Leith and when the opportunity finally came up they jumped at it: “The strategy being to bring an offering that has worked for the family up till now: a fusion of Spanish, Portuguese and Scottish food with specialities including fresh local seafood, oysters and of course our star… the Iberian Black Pig.”

Bryan, Jack, Michelle and Yasmine look forward to meeting you all. “Feel free to come along and say hello to our chefs at the open plan kitchen, ask for recommendations if you wish, give us a try and hopefully you’ll become a friend as well as a regular.” 

0131 554 1777

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