Protempore – Issue 117

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Thanks to Theresa May and her caring, sharing party of the poor and vulnerable, the long and winding road from Queen Charlotte Street to South Leith Parish Halls is about to be walked again as we head to the polling booths for the general election on 8 June. The Prime Minister’s reasoning for calling a snap election is that she needs to gain a clear majority in the House of Commons, which will in turn strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations with the European Union. But as we all know, Mrs May is a pathological liar and her supposed reasoning is complete bunkum.    

While she gives off the air of a no-nonsense, straight talking Vicar’s daughter, the reality is that she is an expert at scheming with big business and powerful lobbyists to provide them with the assurances that Brexit won’t be hurting them but will instead be paid for by the millions of just about managing families through tax hikes and even more cuts to benefits. Make no mistake the Tory party is still the nasty party it just hides behind a very sophisticated propaganda mask.



First of all, we should point out that Brexit only came about because of a catfight in the Tory party between a pair of bloated schoolboys in the shape of David Cameron and Boris Johnston. If Cameron had had any guts, he would have told the Euro sceptics in his party to bolt and put the EU issue to bed. But private schools don’t teach their pupils common sense so Cameron ploughed ahead with his EU referendum promise and dragged the country towards inevitable economic meltdown.

May’s real reason for calling the snap election is not that it will strengthen her hand in the negotiations because in reality, she doesn’t care about getting a good deal. It’s to ensure, that if she does gain a greater majority, that there can be no turning back on Brexit and that the UK is out no matter how bad that might be for the country. For all her faux campaigning on the Remain side prior to the vote, May is now wedded to the idea that a hard Brexit is better than what she sees as “a bad deal”.

A bad deal would involve a continuation of the free movement of labour across the EU as this is a non-negotiable condition of participation in the single market. EU negotiators have already stated quite categorically that there will be no special deal for the UK on this front – the rules will be the same for everybody. May realises that the right-wing element of her party are not going to swallow any compromise on this so the election is more about ridding herself of any possible U-turn on Brexit as this would harm the Tories at future elections. As always with the Tories, it’s all about the party not the people.

Despite the fact that 6 million people in the UK earn less than the living wage; that more children and pensioners live in poverty than ever before; the NHS is on its knees; social care budgets have been decimated; and that schools are criminally underfunded, all the polls show that the Tories will gain a stronger majority at the election. How can that be possible?

It’s not news to say that many people simply don’t see Labour as a credible alternative to the Tories. To say that Jeremy Corbyn has been treated disdainfully by the press and more importantly, by members of his own party, is a massive understatement and it simply feeds the narrative that the party is disjointed and at war with itself and people voting in general elections won’t vote for uncertainty.

The Lib Dems will secure more seats in urban areas where there was a significant vote to remain in the EU but nowhere near enough to dent the Tories. Given the fact that the Tories are not averse to a no-deal scenario in the EU negotiations now means that UKIP are an irrelevance and they won’t win any seats. In Scotland, the SNP will still win handsomely while losing a few seats to the Tories and the Lib Dems which will provide them with enough ammunition to seek another independence referendum.

I’ve been worried about the Tories in the past and for good reason but this time feels different. They seem hell-bent on getting out of the EU at any cost and won’t be slow in making sure that big business and those powerful lobbyists get the sweeteners they need to keep them on board. For all her Christian piety, the vicar’s daughter isn’t a woman of the people and they are about to be hit really, really hard. Maybe even I’ll start praying. ν


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