Leith Theatre Benefit

Posted by to The Blog on June 30th

Trainspotting 21st anniversary celebration with Irvine Welsh, The Fire Engines & Arthur Baker

Fri, August 11, 2017, 6:30pm 12:00am

A fundraiser for Leith Theatre Trust at Leith Theatre

Showing of Trainspotting 1 (toast and chant along!), Irvine Welsh will premier new work with a Trainspotting theme, music from The Fire Engines (famous Edinburgh post-punk band reforming especially for this event), and Arthur Baker, DJ, producer and re-mixer makes his Edinburgh debut. Non-seated event. Presented by Neu Reekie!

Tickets £20 if bought before 31 July. The event was publicised a few days ago and almost half the tickets have been sold already. Buy your tickets here soon.


For more information see https://www.leiththeatretrust.org/whats-on/

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