Leith Jazz Fest 2017: This Weekend

Posted by to The Blog on May 30th

One of the Old Port’s finest weekends starts this Friday (2nd June) with 40 (count ’em forty) free gigs ranging over 18 venues – from as far afield as Woodland Creatures to The Pond and The Lioness of Leith to The Shore Bar. As ever, the centre of operations will be The Malt and Hops, where the rather snazzy Tram T-shirts are to be found, accompanied no doubt by David ‘Barney’ Barnes and the rest of this year’s committee. This is always a cracking affair, especially if the weather is fine. We have our eye on Ken Scott & Dougie Urquhart at The Bakers Arms on Sunday afternoon. I hope you find something to whet your whistle.

Leith Jazz & Blues Festival 2017                                                                                            Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2pm till 11pm                                          



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