Upcycling & just plain cycling

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It’s become a habit of this column to mention new additions to our thriving Leith business community. Last month special mention went to upcycling organisation Remade in Edinburgh who have now opened where the old Santander bank was at 125 –127 Leith Walk. In keeping with the spirit of collectives, this month first up is The Creative Showroom, opening in June where the old Polypak Continental Foods was (336 Leith Walk). This will be a creative hub of artist studios with a showroom shop at the front. Their website reliably informs us that, [owner] Gill is honoured to be the 3rd generation to run a business from this Leith Walk premises. Her father and grandfather ran a car sales showroom there for 26 years. This is where the name The Creative Showroom comes from as in the Norval family the premises has always been referred to as ‘the showroom’’.

I was very sad when Cafe 9 shut down last year (next to the legendary Borland’s Television and Darts shop) but then happy when wee bistro The Walnut opened there soon after. Totally delicious seasonal nosh at a good price, they’re already booked out on many evenings. Other quirky places recently opened include the Mousetrap ‘dive bar’ (I’ve been advised by a hipster that a ‘dive bar’ is in actually a thing, I know he was a hipster as he had a beard), opened in March in the old Volly Arms, more recently Cask and Still. I’m afraid their alcohol-free selection is pretty abysmal, but they HAVE A PINBALL MACHINE! The last pinball machine on Leith Walk was at the Old Salt (which became Priscilla’s and is currently the Black Fox).


An intriguing new cafe at 305 Leith Walk I thought was called ‘Fern and Bean’, as that’s what the sign said, is actually Colonial House and makes super-strong coffee. They were also very welcoming to Coco the fitness pug, which is important. Their eccentric collection of cafe furnishings is impressive too. It feels like a mad aunties sitting room.
My favourite time of year, the Leith Festival and Gala day, is very near. This year we have a crafty pop-up shop at the studio on Saturday 18 June, featuring local artists and makers. Or, if you have a burning fitness question, pop by my studio on the afternoon of Friday 17 June for a cuppa and chat. I’ll be in the studio between 2pm and 6pm if you’d like a free no-obligation chat about anything fitness related, and to meet Coco the fitness pug. Or I’ll see you on Leith Links at Gala day on June 11.
Cycling Everywhere
s a non-car driver, I have cycled many miles over my life. From growing up in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and cycling up and down many hills to get to friend’s homes, to commuting by bike in Sydney (very scary drivers) to cycling through the Meadows at 3am to get home from a late shift at Negotiants when I first moved to Edinburgh, cycling is something I need to do as a non-driver. One of the many reasons I don’t drive a car is that I despise traffic jams. I cannot stand being stuck in a queue. If I’m going somewhere, I like fairly consistent forward movement. Traffic jams make me angry, and I’m not even driving.
The thing I like about cycling is its simplicity. It’s uncomplicated, and the fitter you are the easier it gets. Edinburgh roads can be slightly scary but thankfully improving. My rule of thumb is to avoid major bus routes wherever possible, for example Lothian Road, South Bridge, Princes Street, and stick to the scenic back streets. It’s easy to get stuck in a motorised vehicle state of mind and think of sticking to the main arterial routes, but cycling in Edinburgh is much more fun when you discover the backstreets. And often more direct with less traffic lights. My method of getting to George Street involves only three traffic lights… You can also park with ease. Pretty much anywhere.

I don’t think I could have built my Personal Training business by driving to my clients around Edinburgh. I imagine I’d be late, stressed and constantly paying parking tickets. With cycling, you are rarely late as traffic jams are irrelevant. Red light jumping and cycling on the footpath are definite no-nos, as most sensible people know. Also they are not necessary, as a cyclist will still arrive at their destination on time regardless.

I want to share my cycling-for-travel knowledge and my workshop for the annual Edinburgh Festival of Cycling is on how to prepare for a cycle holiday. Whether you have a cycle holiday planned, or if it is a daydream of yours to cycle around a foreign country one day, there will be something for everyone. It’s a small interactive workshop with a Q&A at the end, and free healthy nibbles…

Info: thecreativeshowroom.com, remadeinedinburgh.org.uk, leithfestival.com

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