Leith’s Big Clean Up!

Posted by to The Blog on October 5th

The sonsie ’Old Port’ gets its face washed on Saturday 17th October between 10am and 1pm thanks to those bonnie folks at Leithers Don’t Litter. Councillor Gordon Munro #thecooncil has promised your correspondent that he will be ‘showing face’ and will no doubt rally the troops with the odd “Atten…….shun! Two, three, four. Giddy up! Two, three, four.” As the plucky volunteers wield there brooms like chimney sweeps in a curling rink. Fancy coming along, it’ll be a laugh. Honest! See more below…


Hello Leithers,

Welcome to our first newslitter. Our first month has been a whirlwind. Leithers Don’t Litter has grown arms and legs and we’d like to tell you all about it and get you properly involved with helping us make Leith a Zero Tolerance Zone for litter and dog mess.

But first and foremost: save the date for our:

Big Autumn Clean Up,
17th October, 2015. It starts 10.00am and finishes 1.00pm. 

The meeting point

Is the play park at Yardhead and Henderson Gardens. If you’re on Facebook, please let us know whether you’re coming at the event’s page. If you don’t use Facebook, just email us.

 It would be really great if you could sign up for the Clean-Up at least two weeks before the event. Clean Up Scotland and Edinburgh Council are giving us the equipment we need and they’ve asked us to give them at least 14 days notice so that they can make sure there are enough clean-up kits for everyone. 

We won’t be deciding which areas of Leith we’re going to clean up until we have a better idea of how many volunteers will be joining us.

 Watch the event’s Facebook page for details of what to wear, advice on health and safety, etc.

What a load of rubbish!

It was the state of our local park that got us started. We saw shrubs ripped up, dog mess on the grass and bottles and takeaway trays scattered round the benches. Back home we came up with the slogan and started the Facebook page. Inside our first five weeks we got 700 followers, we were interviewed on STV, Hibs have offered to help us and we’ve set up ‘Adopt A Street’, where you can sign up to keep one street in Leith free from litter and dog mess.

Ways You Can Help.

If you want to know what you can actually do to help us make Leith litter-free, the place to go is our lovingly-constructed website. It’ll tell you how to report litter or dog mess to the Council, how to download our anti-litter poster so you can pin it up on your noticeboard and how you can easily make all your takeaway trays bio-degradable if you run a takeaway shop. We built this website specially for you. Please have a wee browse.

Get it shifted.

There’s no excuse for moaning when you see litter, dog poo, fly-tipping or overflowing bins. All you need to do is go online and report it to the Council. They’ll get it cleaned up, usually inside 48 hours. If you can, please take Before and After pictures send them to us so we can post them on our Facebook page.

Wear it with pride.

The night we started Leithers Don’t Litter, we splashed out on a hundred badges and two T-shirts so we could spread the word. Now Port Of Leith Housing Association have donated money so we can make a thousand. If you’d like to wear your heart on your lapel and support us, sign up for our Big Autumn Clean Up and we’ll give you a badge.




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