Martin Metcalfe: SCENES

Posted by to The Blog on July 30th

Martin Metcalfe has his second exhibition at Whitespace Gallery, 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh from the 1st until the 4th of August to coincide with the Edinburgh Art festival. The opening night (from 6pm) will include a performance of some-kind possibly featuring The Filthy Tongues and definitely featuring Martin’s old friend and acclaimed poet Paul Hullah.

Poignant and candid, SCENES (also a book and 10” vinyl record) creatively maps a period of Edinburgh’s history during which both were able to view and interact with the striking people and events documented here first hand. SCENES dramatically and emotively recreates experiences of the subcultures and cliques of an important but woefully undocumented era in the Capital’s history: 1980 to 1990. During this time of outsiders, insiders, and loners, the city housed a vibrant, fecund musical creativity, which has been ignored by both mainstream and underground socio-cultural and artistic histories of the 20th century.

Exhibition of Martin Metcalfe’s painting

1st August 6-9pm, following till 4th August 10am-6pm

Whitespace Gallery

25 Howe Street,




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