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Hate Stops Here

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) aim to continue to use the anniversary of the tragic murder of soldier Lee Rigby to promote further hate and to push their anti-Muslim racism.  This is despite the Rigby family repeatedly stating that they do not want far right groups exploiting Lee Rigby’s death to sow division and hatred. Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh (UAF) have organised a counter protest.

As well as exploiting the death of Lee Rigby the SDL are hoping to exploit the climate of racism and division which has dominated mainstream media during the European Election Campaign. Already this week we have witnessed the outrageous actions of another far right splinter group, Britain First invading mosques in Glasgow and Cumbernauld to spread division and hatred. Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh (UAF) are organising a “We Stand Together” protest (Saturday 17th May, 12 noon at top of Waverley Steps) to say division is not the answer, it is unity between communities that we need.

Maggie Chapman, Scottish Green Party Councillor for Leith Walk stated:

“The SDL and the hate and division that they stand for are not welcome on our streets. We must stand up against all those who peddle racist messages of hate and fear. As an immigrant myself I care very much how we treat people. Scotland must welcome those who choose to come here, whether to seek refuge, or to work. Our culture, society and economy are all the better for diversity.”

Malcolm Chisholm, Labour MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leigh stated:

“It is absolutely wrong to exploit the memory of Lee Rigby in this way, as his family have made clear. The racist hate of the SDL must be challenged and rejected at every opportunity.”

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Coverage of Britain First in the Mosques http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/farright-activists-hand-out-bibles-outside-mosques-in-bradford-9352271.html

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