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Dear Mrs MacPickle, My husband has a friend who seems to have an endless string of angst-ridden ill-defined relationships with women. This is not only tedious, but my husband and I are starting to fight about it because I have said I can’t be bothered meeting or getting to know these women because it will be all beer and skittles one minute, then heart break the next, then we will have months of them tagging along in an undignified manner despite being officially dumped.

Sometimes we even get more than one of these poor waifs out at the same time! Anyway my husband just gets cross with me for being unreasonable and I know it shouldn’t bother me but I just can’t help be irritated at a grown man insisting on living life like a perpetual episode of Dawson’s Creek. Where do I go from here Mrs Mac?
Iva Bugbear



My Dear Iva,
The fact of the matter is that while this ought to be none of your business, people who conduct their romantic lives in a crappy way have a habit of rubbing a little misery off onto other people. I am not surprised that you are arguing. You probably sense that, rather as if your husband was spending time with someone with the flu you would both expect to come down with something yourselves, you can expect a little of the lack of emotional integrity to infiltrate your marriage. But try not to worry, you are grown-ups and will not descend into a teenage hell of anguish and acne that easily.

My advice would be: tell your husband you are happy for him to spend as much time with his friend as he likes but stay well away yourself. I am sure you won’t cause any offence, as I would imagine this gent has his head far too far up his own arse to even notice. And rather than focusing on your negative feelings toward the friend, try to dwell on what a nice and patient man your husband must be to accommodate him and his various romantic satellites.

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