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Septemberfest 2013 Community Festival

Lots of fun for all ages. Bouncy castles and inflatables plus sumo suits and massive climbing tower. Music and dance with the samba band, rock choir, drumming, and dance workshops and displays. Lots of sports tasters and competitions including football, rugby, fencing, tennis, basketball, Korfball, table tennis and more. Craft fair with loads of fantastic handcrafted goods. Come and have a go wet felting, leather working, jewellery making or decopatch. Get your bike fixed for free and have a go at the bike obstacle course or a unicycle. Sit in a fire engine and ring the siren. Face painting, nail bar, coconut shy, fantastic balloons, henna tattoos, the list is endless, The village café selling tea and cakes, BBQ, pizza, curry, crepes, and ice cream. Entry is free and many of the activities are free.

Community Festival at Broughton High School,

East Fettes Avenue, Comely Bank, Edinburgh

Saturday 21st September

11am – 4pm

Free entry and lots of free activities for all ages

Pic Credit: Dave Pickering North Edinburgh News

Facebook/ Septemberfest Broughton High School

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